well, it's taken me two and a half years, but I finally have something to post! so, this was originally an assignment for my English class. the summary does it no justice, but it was good enough to get me a 93. so, enjoy.

The Girl Next Door

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was outcast by her family. Her sisters never paid attention to her unless they needed her to do something for them. Her father had passed away some time ago, and her mother simply ignored her. So when the time of a great celebration came to her village, of course, her family wouldn't allow her to go. Instead, she was to mind the house while everyone else happily attended the ball.

The girl was sad, but she pushed aside her emotions and did as she had been instructed. Suddenly, a mysterious but kind stranger arrived at her house and said to her, "I will help you get to the ball." The stranger gave the girl a dress, a horse and carriage to ride in, and a pair of beautiful --but uncomfortable-- glass slippers. Before she knew it, she arrived at the ball, and met a prince she fell madly in love with. They danced the night away, she in bare feet, because the shoes were giving her blisters. But her family was completely unaware, somehow, that this strange girl the prince was fawning over was theirs.

Before the girl could tell the prince her name, the clock struck midnight. As the bell rang out, she bid him farewell and rushed home, desperate to get there before the others. However, it wasn't until she returned that she realized she had forgotten her painful shoes. But the prince remembered, and he vowed to himself that he would find this girl and take her as his bride.

The next day, the prince brought the slippers around the town and tried to place them on the feet of every girl he could find. Despite everyone wanting them to fit, their wishes were to no avail. Then he arrived at the cottage of four women. The first three fit the shoes just the same as all the girls before them; then came the youngest daughter.

The slippers fit perfectly.

"They fit!" the prince beamed. "What is your name, Miss?"

The girl stared strangely at him as she replied, "Cinderella."

"Cinderella," he repeated with admiration. "Cinderella, last night at the ball, I knew I had fallen in love with you. If I had only remembered your face, this would have been so much easier." Then, holding her hand gently in his own, he went on, "Lady Cinderella, I wish to take your hand in marriage."

Cinderella's eyes grew wide. Then she said, not in the most polite way, "Okay, uh, if I can just make two things clear, Your Highness: first off, you must be some kind of idiot to not remember what the girl of your dreams looked like..." --the other girls gasped at her comment-- "and second, I didn't go to that ball."

The prince's face went blank. "Are you sure?"

"I'm positive," Cinderella went on, still questioning the prince's intelligence. "You could try my neighbor, though; I'm pretty sure she was there."

He stood with renewed determination. "Then I shall!" he declared, taking back the shoes. He bowed. "Thank you, ladies. Especially you, Miss Cinderella." With that, he left.

". . . That was awkward," stated Cinderella.

Next door, after much protesting by her family, Cinderella's neighbor was returned her painful glass shoes. Then she and her beloved prince were reunited and married, and they lived happily ever after.

alright, so lemme know what you think. just be gentle, please, this is my first time posting an original work of mine. ;)