Lover's Worth

Emotions swirl in flustered streams

Mirroring many unachieved dreams

Lust and anger; hate and fear

Each one agony when it passes near

But every cloud has a silver lining

And mine came in the form of finding

A friend, a companion; my heart, my soul

A lover to love me: 'twas my life-long goal

I stumbled upon her by unexpected means

Discovered reality is rarely how it seems

She came to love me, but never was mine:

A distant angel; both tantalising and divine.

I am no beauty: just an undesirable catch

And no-one could say we're a perfect match

She has virtues, humour and grace

I am just another who longs for her embrace

She reads me but she does not see

Just how much she means to me

I cannot woo, nor serenade

And though she likes me, it will fade

(And as this poem's close draws near

Might I reveal my greatest fear

That, in losing her, to me it's clear

I will be losing all I hold dear)