build a wall of books
between us in your bed

you don't like to read,
so how about i whisper the words to you?
soft words and soft fingers,
but it's all too innocent

repeat, repeat the words
that i know we both said

how about the flirty little notes though?
"maybe what i want involves kissing"
"well, maybe what i want involves that too"
but for some reason, i'm still waiting.

relax into the need
we get so comfortable

lying in your arms is the only thing i need
your lips on the back of my hand
you looking into my eyes,
but stopping far too soon.

remember when i was
so strange and likeable

i was scared to talk to you
i was intimidated by your experience
i'm just a little innocent girl
but i think we have plans to change that.

i just want back in your head
i just want back in your head

i just want to know everything you're thinking.
you tell me i don't talk enough
but your moments of silence kill me.
let me in.

AN: This is a bit old; I forgot to post it.