How MedusaGot Her Head

Prologue- On a rock at the edge of the world resides a creature so horrifying you will turn to the solidest stone if dare look into her eyes. Her name? you may ask- Medusa. Join me as I show you exactly how Medusa transformed from a beautiful girl to a demon with snakes for hair.

Once upon a time, when gods and demons walked the earth, the daughter and son of the earth and sea gods gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was as pale as the moon and her long silky hair was as brown as rich earth. They named her Medusa, a special name for a special child.

How her parents boasted about her, they told anyone they could find about their daughter's beauty! This made Medusa very vain and selfish. She was so selfish and vain she had not one human friend. The only things that Medusa could make friends with were poisonous snakes. She could actually speak with them and they could speak back.

As Medusa grew older she grew more and more beautiful (and vain). One day at Greek high school she fell in love with a handsome Greek boy. But alas the boy did not love Medusa, for he already loved another girl. The girl was as fair as Medusa, but kind and generous.

Medusa was outraged and determined to get rid of the other girl. So she called upon her favorite poisonous snake, who she named Rattle. When the girl had her back turned Rattle bit her. The girl died so abruptly that she had no time to even say what had bitten her. But the plan did not work! The boy still paid no attention to Medusa, mainly because of the great grief in his heart.

Medusa was spitting mad. How the boy could not love her she did not know. "I am more beautiful than Aphrodite, yet still he does not love me", Medusa screamed to the heavens. All of a sudden a cloud started to descend to the ground. Out of it stepped Aphrodite, god of beauty and love. She glared at Medusa. Aphrodite was quite angry about what Medusa had yelled. She was about to curse Medusa into an oblivion when Medusa said she had a better way to prove this claim, Aphrodite and she would see who could attract the most lovers. If Medusa won she would become a god and Aphrodite would become mortal. But if Aphrodite won a terrible curse would be cast on Medusa.

At first it seemed that Medusa was winning, she charmed every boy in sight. But eventually the boys saw through her sweetness and learned how mean and selfish Medusa was. Meanwhile Aphrodite was sweet to every boy and was kind and gentle. Even men who were already married fell in love with Aphrodite. In the end one hundred boys fell in love with Aphrodite and only one loved Medusa.

One day Aphrodite came to Medusa announcing that Medusa had lost. Aphrodite was in a fairly good mood so she told Medusa she would not die but be turned into a hideous monster; so ugly that one glance from her could turn anyone into stone. All of a sudden flesh-eating snakes sprang from Medusa's head, taking place of her long silky hair. Medusa screamed, knowing the snakes would eat her skin. But when Medusa glanced down she no longer had skin, only green scales. And at the same time her face became distorted and wrinkled, fangs grew in her mouth, and her eyes started to glow fiery red. " What have you done to me!?" Medusa screamed up at Aphrodite. "I am merely showing the world what you are on the inside", explained Aphrodite as if it was the simplest question in the world and then vanished into the air, not wanting to listen to Medusa's shrieks any longer. Then the large invisible hand of Zeus transported Medusa to a rock on the edge of the world. Where she would reside for all eternity, or at least until someone came to slay her. But that's a different story…