Xan gestured for another drink. How many had he had already? Three, four? Oh well, it didn't matter. He didn't feel drunk anyway. There was a girl sitting next to him. He had no idea who she was. She downing shots like they were oxygen and talking nonstop. He had no idea what she was on about, this guy who had been mean to her or something so she had been forced to dump him. He nodded at her every once in a while and gave her a few short replies. She seemed to think he was extremely nice and she kept touching his leg. When he told her he had better be going, she made a ridiculous pouty face and asked if she couldn't come, too, because she just didn't want to be alone tonight.

Xan laid in his bed, which was really just a mattress on the floor of his small and dirty rented room. He glanced at the girl laying on the mattress next to him. Disgusted, he realized she was probably years younger than his little sister. What the hell had he been thinking? He had promised himself not to do this again. What would Meme think if she knew? Oh, who cares... It wasn't really his fault this time. And Meme probably didn't remember him by now anyway. He pulled the girl roughly to him and she made no objections.

Xan's head pounded dully and he had an awful taste in his mouth. The light coming through the window was making his eyes hurt. He groaned, got up, and dressed himself. He didn't know where he was going, he just knew he had to get out of here. He looked at the girl in his bed. Asleep, she looked so young, like just a little girl. He left quickly, quietly closing the door behind him, tears streaming down his expressionless face.