Each second of every day I yearn for you,

A longing so deep, it pulsates through

Me, a dull ache, agonising in it's simplicity

Swirling passions flow through me

Scattered emotions, and you hold the key

My needs and wants and urges too

All have me burning to hold you

To gather you in in a warm embrace

If i were to court such fortune

I'd wish to camp with you under the moon

To wander with you through forests and streams

To cosset you in each and all of your dreams

I'd be there for you through night and day

And with me you'd delight in joys of the earth

Dancing in moonlight: hearts full of mirth.

I need your warmth, your trust, your heart

Each time you are near I hate to depart

I love you

And you are my strength, my rock, my hope

And though so fragile, you help me cope

You are my star, shining in the dark

The warmth of the sun and the morning lark

Beautiful and gracious; virtuous and true.

And I truly hope you can see

That you manage to mean everything to me.