"The soup's ready, Rennic. Go fetch Suco," instructed my adoptive mother, Ara. I answered, "Alright," and headed off to Kat's. Since she got so sick he spends pretty much every day with her. I mean, Kat is like a sister to me, but to sit by her side day after day, while she just lays there... Thin as a stick and pale as death... He must love her.

I knocked softly on Kat's door but no one answered. I figured her parents were out so I let myself in and went to Kat's room. I took two steps in and froze in my tracks. Why exactly was Suco bent over Kat's bed? Why were their faces.. so.. close? I had a thought that her breathing had stopped and he was trying to revive it, but when Suco jolted into a sitting position, that idea swiftly died.

"I, uh, we were, uh, well," Suco stuttered, turning pink. And for once I wasn't amused by his blushing. "Rennic knows what kissing is, Suco," Kat said in her weakened voice, smiling calmly. "So Rennic, how have you been?" Kat asked, not noticing that I was in a state of shock and Suco appeared to be suffocating from a severe case of blushing. Kat never was one for embarrassment or subtly.

I somehow recovered from what I walked in on and had a short, nearly normal conversation with Kat before I told Suco we'd better get home for dinner. Suco and I didn't make eye contact all through dinner. He was too embarrassed, and I was rather angry. I've suspected something between the two of them for a while, but Suco had always denied it. How long had he been lying? Didn't I have a right to know if my two best friends were.. doing things.. in their spare time?

By the time we were done eating, I realized I couldn't get angry at them. What if Kat died tomorrow? She deserved anything and everything that made her happy right now. But it still bothered me for some reason. I'm not even exactly sure why. Possibly because I've never loved or been loved by anybody. But then, I hadn't really ever wanted to. And I still didn't want to, did I?

Despite deciding I wasn't mad at Suco after all, I went to bed without speaking to him. I slept restlessly, having dreams about Kat getting well and running away with Suco, leaving me completely alone forever in a pitch black dungeon.