Roses for Robin

By Lack Thereof

Author's Note: Let me extend my deepest apologies to all my readers- I've been incredibly busy with school and have had no time to write. I have not forgotten this story and do not plan on to.

Chapter Three:

The Queen of Between the Sheets

Anna Parlington drummed her French-manicured nails against her desk as the history teacher droned on about something that happened in the Civil War. Even she, who was so much in love with American history she tested into AP U.S History, could not help but count the minutes on her Tiffany watch until the end of class. She needed to discuss with her best friend, Percy Cedarwood.

Unfortunately, with both of them on different polars of the room, discussion was not exactly convenient.

She pulled her oversized, mint green and pink Juicy Couture purse to her lap and zipped it open. She grimaced at the mess the internal compartments of her purse had become. Reaching her hand into the contents of the purse, she fished around for her cell phone, a T Mobile III that Chris gave her for her birthday three weeks ago. He even paid for the service since her parents had forbidden her to use a cell ever since her last calculus test grade was not up to par.

A cell phone is not what she wanted though.

Looking up occasionally and nodding so Mr. Brubress (nicknamed Bru-breast for his man-boobs) would not see her, she began to text to Percy from across the room. She felt a little guilty. Mr. Brubress was one of her favorite teachers, even if he did have man-boobs.

i need ur help.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as Percy's warm brown eyes, having been before glazed over with boredom (Percy only joined AP U.S History because Anna was in it) now light up. Anna turned around and waited until she felt a vibration.

is it about him again?

Percy looked at her from across the room, her black and white Versace glasses (Percy didn't wear contacts because she thought her overpriced glasses were so much hotter, which they were) reflecting light from the window. Anna nodded and slipped her phone back into her purse.

Suddenly the door opened and Robin Winchester, the only person in the class who was getting a higher grade then Anna 98 with a 103 came in. Mr. Brubress's eyes lit up when he saw one of his favorite pupils.

"I was tutoring." Robin explained, and Mr. Brubress motioned for him to sit down before continuing with his monologue about the Confederates. Robin sat next to Anna, the only spot available.

"Hi." She whispered. He looked up, surprised. She smirked. It probably wasn't often a "popular" spoke to him. He looked at her before looking back at his textbook.

"Are you Christopher's tutor?"

"Yes." Robin said before raising his hand to answer a question. Anna relaxed in her seat. Her concerns about a tutor interfering with her and Chris were gone.

But the questions still remained.

What would it take for Chris to sleep with her? She could arouse any man she desired, but the one she wanted seemed to be borderline asexual. And after that, what would it take to keep him?

These were questions for Percy, she decided, the wild child, the queen of the land between the sheets.

That night, Christopher Rice was struggling to finish his language arts homework. It was slightly easier now with Robin's advice, but it was still difficult. He had felt so sure when Robin was at his side, explaining each problem with the accuracy of Babe Ruth's batting average, but now he felt more like a Little Leaguer then Babe Ruth.

He decided that a call to Robin was in order.

Picking up his black Razr phone and the school directory, he flipped to the "W" section.

"Warson, Jonathan...Witchburn, Percy... Percy!" He suddenly remembered he had promised to get on instant messenger with her after school.

He would do that after he called Robin.

"Winchester, Robin... Here we go..." Chris started dialing numbers and nestled his phone between his ear and his shoulder. He felt his heart race with each beat and he had no idea why. What if Robin didn't pick up? He felt himself extremely disappointed with that idea.


"Agh!" Chris' face reddened when he realized how uncool that was, "Uh... hi. It's me, Chris. Chris Rice."

"Hello Christopher." Robin greeted on the other line serenely. Chris sighed with relief.

"Are you done with your homework?" Chris asked.

"Yes. But if you're looking for answers, you might want to call someone else. I don't believe you're in any of my classes." Robin replied. Chris could almost see his smile on the other end.

"I know. I'm a stupid ass." Chris quickly said, "Could you help me with this Edgar Allen Poe story... The Pit and the Peh...duuu..."

"The Pit and the Pendulum?" Robin guessed.

"Yeah, that. It's confusing. What the hell is the Inquisition?"

"Have you lived under a rock your entire life?" Robin sounded exasperated.

"Under my bed once when I was six. I was afraid of the dark." Chris offered. He could here Robin chuckle on the other end.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Can you..." Chris paused, "...come on over?" Robin was quiet on the other end. Christopher, for a moment, saw himself from the outside. How desperate for Robin's friendship did he sound?

"Sure, Chris. If I knew where you lived."

"I'll pick you up. Where do you live? I'll MapQuest it."

Robin gave him the address, and after Chris got the directions, he quickly got on AIM. Percy was online under the Internet pseudonym SxyBlonde2234.

SxyBlonde2234: hey chris

Chris replied back-

Soccerman345: whats up

SxyBlonde2234: u should really c anna rite now.

SxyBlonde2234: she's goin to a party at harvey's.

Soccerman345: can't go. gotta study some edgar allen poe.

SxyBlonde2234: zzzz... cmon. anna is looking so hot. how can u ditch anna for some dead guy's stories.

Soccerman345: hes actually pretty cool percy. he writes about some interesting stuff.

SxyBlonde2234: u gotta be kidding me.

Soccerman345: c u l8r. tell anna i want a pic.

SxyBlonde2234: Chris! Chris!

Soccerman345 has logged out.

Off to Robin's, Christopher thought smugly as he walked out the door. He couldn't believe that he would ditch one of Harvey Ruthbridge's parties for studying, but he was. And he didn't have a problem with it either.