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The battles had been easily won. Their enemy lacked force and cooperation. Grand Master Damien Castellano was pleased not for the won battles but the relief of the final confrontation. When they won this one they would finally have peace for the Order. Master Castellano was sure though that this one would not be as easy. Xavier was desperate and ruthless; he would not surrender without a fierce struggle.

The Order was just as fierce though. The Order had managed the impossible, combining the many different species to form one large community. They made up for their lack of numbers with tact and skill. They were faster, stronger, better trained, and their loyalty not only to Master Castellano but to each other made them near invincible.

Amongst the most superior beings were Kanalines, Casters, Morphs, Draguls, and Essentias. Casters are a spell casting being. Though their mortality is similar to humans, there is one exception: Casters have an average life span of about 10,000 years. Another factor of Casters is that because their genetics are similar to humans they can be transformed by any species with transforming venom. Morphs are another enigma. Morphs are an immortal being who have the ability to shape shift into nearly anything they desire. Another puzzling aspect of the Morphs is that they can mate with any other species without becoming it. A Dragul is an immortal, dragon shape-shifting being. Unlike the other creatures of the Order, they are born with the ability to mind read and do not have to develop it. Essentias are immortal beings who feed off blood. They have nocturnal habits and rarely come out at daytime.

The Kanalines are a very interesting species. They were created. The creation of the first Kanaline is a widely told story. The tale is recounted many times, but it is always the same for it is history not legend. A dying and pregnant female warrior was found by the ancient Morph leader Willow the Wise. At the same time the last Kanaline was dying from battle wounds. Willow aided the young woman until the Kanaline finally passed away. The creatures soul, however, became one with the child's soul creating the first humanoid Kanaline. Her name is Martise Givani. She started a new race and kept the name Kanaline. It is said that when even Martise is challenged beyond her abilities, the last Kanaline's spirit would take over her body and they would become one. To put the Kanaline species into simpler terms, Kanalines are an immortal shape shifting being.

All of these creatures are the best known warriors and intellects. Their abilities on the battle field is renowned and admired by all, even their enemies. They all agree to succumb to one leader though, the Grand Master.

Within the Order there is the Coven, or governing body. The Coven usually contains between twenty and thirty members, all of them with extensive training in whatever they may exceed in.

The final battle was looming. They needed each other to survive it. The greatest leaders came under one ruler; Damien Castellano. The Kanaline alpha Martise Givani, the Caster ruler Damien Castellano, Morph elder and leader Willow Rosenberg, Dragul king Kristoff Lamar, and Essentia leader LaKasha formed one fantastical army. Together they were invincible.

Master Castellano stared into the swirling black liquid in his cauldron. The enemy believed they would catch them off guard, but they were unaware of the true extent of Damien's power. Damien's army might be stronger, but he never underestimated an enemy, especially a desperate one.