There were hundreds of young soldiers in the infirmary, most of them from enemy lines. Karla Celine Honore flitted amongst them in a valiant effort to keep them alive. None of them knew of happiness, they only knew despair and hurt. Many grabbed her hand when walking past, only to sigh gently and let go. It would be a long night.

Damien sat quietly in his office. The black liquid in the cauldron swirled ominously. The Dark Caster Alliance was already reforming. He knew they wouldn't be defeated. Evil could never be defeated, but neither could good. The forces would always battle, there was no winning. It was a lesson that was determined to be taught, yet couldn't be grasped. As long as love survived so would hate. There is no peace without war, no pleasure without pain. The lessons will repeat themselves continually through time. Where there is man there is war, where there is man there is love, hate, peace, laughter, sorrow, joy, despair, life. The lessons would be lost forever in the ocean of civilization.