Hello, by the time you are reading, this, at least half a year has passed since I finished The Caged Bird Heeds No Call. Now then, why am I taking the time to once again post on this already finished story? Well…simply put, it was never truly finished.

As much as I'd hate to say it, I am disappointed in this story. I had so much more planned for it, and I simply got too sick of the subject to write anymore, hence the lack of explanation and quick ending.

The reason behind this message to all my fellow readers is a simple one. A lot of time has passed since i went on to my other writings, and I have indefinitely gained experience.

So then…what I am about to announce may be of much or little importance: I am going to remake this story, and give it the full length and attention it deserved. It may not be anytime soon, or it may be within a month, who knows? I just want to put it out there, that this story will be remade, and until then…see ya!