a/n: i...don't know where this came from. or what the hell it's about, apart from the obvious. who-the-F-knows, ever... but just so you know, there's meant to be a pause after each longer line, like a (short) breathing gap, and drag the last word out a little. so when you read it, take a slight pause after the first line and draw the 'those' out a little, before going on, read the next normally, and after the third line, pause and draw out, etc, etc. well that's how i wrote it, anyway, so read however you like, i guess...

when tomorrow is here.

i love how you look at me with those
dark dark eyes
and the way you make me feel all
warm inside
and i can't believe you're going away
and all the words in all the worlds
still can't make me say
what i need to say

that i'll miss you when tomorrow is here

i love how you say the perfect
simplist things
like how my eyes flash in the dark like
the universe's stars
and my morning hair is as messy as
picasso's art
and my laughter is so sweet it lingers
in your ears
and you say it won't hurt for long when
your gone
and i don't believe you one little bit
yet can't say it
won't say it

that i'll miss you when tomorrow is here

and the morning came and the air was
like a sheet
and the blankets were all twisted
at my feet
and the silence was heavier than your
goodbye speech
which still plays in my mind like all your
oasis cd's
how you wished i wouldn't cry because it
made you want to weep
and it made me struggle all the more
through my words
so you didn't hear what i thought
so hard to admit

that i'll miss you when tomorrow is here.