Author's note:

The following story is set in Morocco, North Africa—primarily in the city of Asilah. It is based on fact, but mostly fictitious.

Because of the location, and the nature of the characters, there will be some usage of the Moroccan slang language in the dialog. As stated at the beginning of Chapter one, terms that need to be explained will be explained at the end of the chapter.

It can be assumed that conversations between the character Mae and elders, as compared to her, in Morocco are in Arabic, not English; when Mae speaks with her friends, most conversations are in English.

Because of my personal limitations with the language, and because my audience, I'll assume, is primarily English-speaking, I will be typing longer conversations in English. Short greetings and other conversations of the sort may be in Arabic, and, therefore, will be explained at the end of the chapter. Please feel free to let me know if I am using too much, or possibly too little Arabic. Also, let me know if it takes away from the story.

To those of you who are reading this for the second time—yes, this is a rewrite—I hope you enjoy the changes I've made, and I hope I don't mess up your experience.