You walk in the door and smell a mixture of paper, gum, body odor, and plenty of perfume. The grubby tile floor smells like oranges. You don't want to be here, but there is nothing else going for you. Besides, you are forced to come. Though with every bad thing there is always something to look forward to that makes you want to continue on. You look down the hall and there he comes strutting along through the doors like an angel after early morning practice with his muscle shirt on (for good reason) and his hair glistening and messy. Grass stains paint his body like a canvas and dirt clings everywhere else. He is beautiful. His name is Brett Laurence. He is hanging with the rest of his sweaty buddies that wish to be as good as he. But they can never compare. He is the captain of the football team and he is the best quarterback Carlington High has ever seen. He is a god at every other sport he does too, but football is his forte. Everyone knows his name. Even those he doesn't know exist. You would think that being a jock he'd be a dumb meathead, but he is top in all his classes. Head of the cheerleading squad, Kristie Matthews, is definitely his girl through and through. She has been tied to his arm like the violet ribbon adorning her hair ever since junior high. She was his equivalent. She was radiantly beautiful and her blonde hair shone a mile away as did her straight white teeth. She looks like Miss USA even after she wakes up in the morning after a party lasting till 3 AM the previous day. They were the perfect model couple that everyone looked up to. They walk down the hallway hand in hand beaming at everyone around them. There happiness radiated on everyone even if they didn't try.