Something went wrong. Something went terribly wrong. The warriors beat the cannons 46 - 6. The football team was literally in tears. Tears of sadness and tears of pure fury. Brett looked like he had never been a quarterback in his life. He threw interception after interception. He got sacked 8 times and fumbled the ball 3 times. The crowd walked away in shock and utter disappointment. Brett was left at the back of the pack because the whole team shunned him. He walked morosely to the locker room all by himself. Beverly felt terrible. She probably was the cause of this, but even if it wasn't her fault she would be blamed none the less. What happened to Brett? He was such a superb football player, but tonight he was just so disconnected. Beverly stood outside of the locker room waiting for Brett. He walked out looking petrified. Tears were still shining on his cheeks. He stared at Beverly without a smile. This was definitely a first.

"I'm so sorry." Beverly breathed.

"Why are you sorry? I was in the game."

"I don't know." Beverly said.

"Do you want to hang out somewhere?" Brett looked apprehensive.

"Sure." Brett grinned. His smile was so comforting. His smile still looked distant though. There were tear stains on his dirty unblemished gorgeous face. Beverly and Brett went to Carlington's park and walked around for a while not talking about anything. Brett grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly.

"I still can't believe you like me." Beverly stated. Brett stared at his shoes for a moment then spoke,

"What's not to like?" Brett's face glowed. What was it with this guys face? It was just so perfect. It was completely unfair. The full moon stood idly, shining on both of their faces. One morbidly ugly woman and one completely ravishing man. The moon seemed to cringe. Brett leaned closer to Beverly taking her hands in his. Her chubby chapped hands and his so beautiful and smooth. His face got closer to hers. Her putrid breath mixed with his minty fresh. Brett kissed her. There lips were completely entwined. She had never been kissed before and now it was happening so fast. How could this be happening to her? She couldn't breathe. Brett was actually kissing her. Canker sores and all.


Sorry it was so short! But I love short stories because they get right to the point and they are so fun to write! Anyway. If the last part made you cringe a bit then it worked! I cringed writing that part. Not the greatest story but I definitely plan on writing more so hopefully each story I write will get better and better. Hope you enjoyed none the less 3

P.S. I definitely encourage criticism if you have it. But please not too mean. LOL. Please review.