epochs of eternal oceans murmur
inside my mind no we are not alone
schizophrenic conversations with you and i
echoing beyond the asphyxiating cages that
imprison our hearts and muffle our screams
slowly all emotion fades and becomes
nothing more than the bittersweet memory of
saccharine scars in an intricate pattern only known as
pain sweet pain
these chains they constrict me they
drag me down
i can't break away oh but i won't let go
going numb in this frigid sea of despair
lose yourself in never-ending
goodbyes burning like fire in your eyes
unyielding this pain of
losing you is harsh, relentless
it's too much.
we fall from these clifftops in our dying hearts
falling forever will we fall?
this is too much to handle
alone now we are alone.