growing more distant as the
skies turn miserably sullen slate
slowly we remain
then drift like
faraway autumn leaves scattering from
abandoning a weary, clinging tree tinged
with desperate beauty only obtained
in death
blood fire earth sun
brokenly bleeding we're coming undone
together we are perfection
separate we are sinners
stainless facades and mistakes they go
hand in hand
same as beauty and pain we're all the same
deep inside you know it's true we can't
blame this for everything but we can
come close to the sun and everything we
ever wanted but isolation comes with
faultlessness silence consumes haunted
thoughts more terrifying than
an eternity's worth of nightmares and
scars that won't ever heal
i need to stop this i
can't stop this we
can't stop this pain
when will it
when will it end?
adoration and hatred they
come one beside the other
can you see past the boundaries
i've created because i know
i can't
let go