deja vu
i've done this before i've
seen this before
in a dream perhaps
an insane dream
a (psychotic) prophetic dream
one of desperation and
strange satisfaction mixed
with misery the
atmosphere was tense
i could taste the crimson
spilling from your last unspoken
i hate you's and i love you's
eyes glassy mouth opened in a
bloody scream the blade's hit the
marks the spot
into your precious heart yes this is
a nightmare unlike any other
trembling hands pull then drop
the very weapon my revenge my
grim satisfaction with a
clang the dagger drops to the
floor skims over the cooling
scarlet our misery is evident
blood-covered lies and grim goodbyes
no time for regret now love but now i'm
not blind i can i'm
seeing again the night of
our demise as i
pull the trigger for the very
last time i told you i love you
love the way the only answer
to my hysterical
confessions to my
masked questions was
silence or the absense of
silence and the whisper of
your last breath our last promise
the sound of my heart breaking
the glass shattering
it's all the same i've
seen this before it's all
the same. we're not
the same. we'll
never be.
we'll never be.
'...i still love you'
'i don't forgive you.'