Why say the words without the meaning?

Why say the words without the feeling?

The one I trusted above all else,

You've killed my heart with this truth.

But is this really truth?

Did you really never care?

There are days I'm not so sure,

Days I believe you did love.

Perhaps you've convinced yourself

That you never truly loved me,

But I can't shake the thought

That you're believing a lie.

The emotion you had in your voice,

The random times you told me,

The depth of our talks,

The bond that we shared,

I can't believe it was all

Just your confusion speaking.

The words came so naturally,

How could they be false?

You've known the feeling before,

How could you confuse it then?

How could you make me believe

You'd always be there for me?

Now you're pushing me away,

How can this be how it's all meant to be?

I suppose it's possible you didn't care,

But that just doesn't ring true to me.

You're not the kind of person

Who'd claim love without feeling it,

But how can I tell?

What is the truth?

February 16, 2007