For those of you who are already fans of this story, you probably know what happened. But for those who are new, I have recently had a problem with someone stealing a story of mine. This story is important to me and so I have decided to replace full chapters with snippets from each chapter. I am almost finished with the story and will self publish it once complete. I'm sorry. But I felt this needed to be done. Thanks for all the awesome support and reviews you guys!

Chapter 1

Ah, clichés. The wonders of life. Most clichés are usually found in books and movies. There's the ever popular romance clichés that we all wish for in life. Well, the girls at least. What's the cause of all of this, you might ask? Love. We're all searching for love. It can be out of the blue, dumped on us, or right under our noses. We all want it. We all want that special someone that gives us a sense of being complete. We go through boyfriends and girlfriends like toilet paper. All to search for that one person, who makes our hearts beat ten times faster, blush at the smallest comment, and that gives us a tingling feeling at the slightest touch.

Some of us find it while others live in a sea of heartbreak after heartbreak. So far, I live in the sea. Don't even give me a sailboat, I'll sink that too. Trust me on that. My love life is non-existent. Sure, I've had boyfriends but they've all been duds. And after my sophomore year is when my floaters finally popped. I didn't even get a single glance anymore. What was wrong with me? Probably just about everything. Don't get me wrong, I'm not so depressed to kill myself but it hurts when everyone has someone but me.

What sucks even more is that all the clichés are taken; all the good ones anyway. About a month ago Patricia Goldman turned the school geek into a major hunk with a great personality. Stupid Patricia…she beat me to him. A week ago is when Amy Dowell and Robbie Fox got together. Robbie and Amy were lifetime enemies until they confessed their feelings for each other. Couldn't they just keep that to themselves? I suppose not. And to top it all off, best friends, Adam and Kelly, got together. Ugh! Life is so unfair.