You lie like a rug
So how fitting that I nailed you to the floor
In tinny tales I've told before
This isn't how it has to be
But lies are all I have to plead

As we march home like soldiers
We scream "Fuck it! Its cathartic!"
As much as you may love us
You never did enough!

And those who passed
Before you
Earned their wings
So why won't you?

As desperate as my throat may be
It has yet to decide to bleed
But my arms! My wrists!
Carry scars! Upon scars!
I can't change the fault
Its been written in flesh

With my tongue tied behind your back
I'll make cuts so deep I'll die instead of heal
Why I must be so cowardly when faced
Its irony is pleased with discovery
Run away
Running a bath with intent of tinting it red

Take a breath or leave two
Take a second before you lose me too