Dedicated to Maki for her 18th B-Day!

"A Simple Wish"

Summary: There are some things that just shouldn't be wished for.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

2 Weeks Ago

November 26, 2010

"Hello?" she says as she answers her house phone. A look of confusion washes over her for a second before she places the voice. "Oh, hi Holly! What's up?"

A frown forms on her face as she listens to her friend. The frown turns into shock and time freezes as she drops the phone. "Jessica was killed in a car crash, I'm sorry..."

... ... ... ... . ... ... . ...

Present Day

December 10, 2010

Looking around at all the guests that were seated around her she couldn't help but sigh. She knew she should be happy or excited, she was turning eight-teen after all, but she couldn't help but feel the absence of her best friend. Just two weeks prior to her birthday she had found out that her best friend Jessica had died in a terrible car crash. There was really no joy in this birthday.

There were a few murmurs around her as a large white cake was brought out, the lights dimmed. She put on a smile when the cake was set down before her, all eight-teen candles lit. After a horrendous rendition of "Happy Birthday To You" it was time to make a wish and extinguish the candles.

As she closed her eyes, she pictured her best friend who she missed so much. 'I wish... I wish that Jess was still here in Connecticut.' She blew out the candles and opened her eyes. For a second she thought she saw something in the darkest corner of the room, but when she looked over again, there was nothing.

Shrugging, and thinking that it was nothing she concentrated on the party, opening her gifts, and not strangling anyone.

When the party wound down she bid her goodbyes to her family and other friends and closed the door. Turning around she stared at her living room, and the huge mess that awaited cleaning. She sighed and decided that it could be done in the morning.

Walking into the kitchen, grabbing a cup, she filled it with water and placed it in the microwave for two minutes. Going into her pantry she grabbed a packet of instant hot chocolate and tore open the top. Taking the red ceramic cup out of the microwave she poured the mix in and gave it a few stirs with a spoon. Placing a few marshmallows on the surface she deemed it drinkable and went to sit outside on her porch.

The evening was cool, but still very warm for a December in Connecticut. Sitting in one of her reclining chairs she laid back and gazed at the sky. It was a cloudy night and not many stars could be seen. But the strange almost purple tint to the darkest areas still made it beautiful to look at.

A light breeze flew by Jens' left side and something brushed her hand. She dropped her hot chocolate and gasped as the scalding hot liquid covered her legs. Soft laughter could be heard in the distance, and not for the first time, Jen felt fear.

"Who's out there?" Her eyes strained to see in the dark but nothing but shadows could be seen. A message whispered by on the wind. "Look this way. laughter No, this way!"

Jen whipped her head around but still she saw nothing. Something crunched and she turned to face someone. The hair was long and frizzy; black hair mixing with the shadows so that it was impossible to see where it ended. The clothes were torn and dirty, dark stains splattered over the once clean surfaces. However most of the figure was still in shadows so it was hard to tell anything for sure.

"Who are you? Why are you on my property?!" Jen gasped out after her initial surprise. The person giggled. It was strange and almost frightening in a way. "Don't you remember your best friend?" The person lifted their head and hazel blue eyes shown in the dark like diamonds. "No…way..." Jen backed away.

The figure laughed, a wheezy sound, like not everything was there to make a complete laugh. And not everything was.

The figure took a shaky step into the light and Jen covered her mouth in a silent scream. Dried blood covered half her face, her bottom jaw broken so badly that it was almost diagonal with the top portion. The skin and muscle had been stretched so far that in places it had torn and pieces lay limp in shreds barely clinging to what skin was left. Her left eye bulged out of the socket and a silent tear of blood had left a trail on her cheek.

Her skin and clothes were covered in dried blood and dirt from when she had been thrown under the car. Her right hand was missing a few fingers from when the windshields glass had sliced them off.

Glancing down she saw what was making the figure walk abnormally. The right knee cap was crushed in and the bottom portion of the leg was twisted to the side, the shoe was missing on that foot.

"Oh.. god. I have to be dreaming!"

Hazel blue eyes stared coldly at her, the mouth twisting into a grotesque smile. "You're not dreaming. You're living a nightmare." The figure lunged forward and the mangled teeth and mouth grabbed a hold a piece of Jens' neck. Screaming she fell backwards, a chunk of flesh not coming with her, blood flowing freely down her neck and chest.

She scrambled back up and instead of running into her house she ran towards the dark woods that lay in the back of her home, just a few yards away. She could hear laughter from behind her, knowing that her former best friend was after her was enough to make her run faster.

Brushing past trees and breathing heavily she ran through the woods intent on getting through to the other side. All thoughts such as "how is she back" and "why is she trying to kill me" were in the back of her mind, all that mattered now was running.

She stumbled and fell, her knee catching on a rock making a deep gash. Hissing she got up and limped. "Just a little further..."

"Yes just a little further...and you would have made it out..." a hysterical giggle leaving it's mouth after speaking. Her head turned on its side and she gave Jen a wide smile before her teeth began tearing at her neck. Any screams she had died in her mouth when blood pooled and filled her airways.

Chewing on a piece of flesh 'Jessica' watched as the life drained away from, what was her best friend in life, and now her best meal in death.

"Some wishes just shouldn't be made. You never know which ones will come true." the figure stated before going towards Jens' eyes. "I love just them, they 'pop' when you bite into them!" giggling she finished her meal and vanished as the sun rose, the wish loosing its power the day after it was cast.

AN: Hehehehe! Well my dear Maki, i hope you love this insane tale i cooked up on a whim for your birthday. I think i was watching a commercial about thanksgiving and it was like "blah blah simple wish blah blah" and that was all it took for me to get this nutty idea. :) I bet you read this before you ate didn't you... sorry... hehehehe.