There is a light

So very far away

At the end of the tunnel

Of a brighter day

Clutching at the dark

Wishing to stay hidden

Dreams and desires

Thoughts forbidden

It can't happen like this

Though I wish it could

It shouldn't be this hard

To try and be good

Hope for a future

With brighter lives

Step out of the shadows

With blinking eyes

Squint in the harsh glare

Of glowing angels and saints

While the bitter darkness

Behind me grows faint

I'll keep looking forward

Moving ahead, never stop

And try to block out

The steady flip-flop

You made my heart dance

Every time that me met

Memories from the past

I'll never regret

My time spent with you

Makes my future look bleak

And I pray that without you

I won't become weak

And give in to temptation

That I want so much

So your memory

Will become my crutch

That will sustain me

Through days, short and long

Until I find a place

I truly belong