Lucy And Eivind,

A close existence

That day, unlike any other

A day I'll never forget, even now

For it changed my life for an entire year

That one day

My teachers told me,

You would be there to help me at school

But all you did was

Taunt me

Call me names

Comment on my body

In the worst puberty

I couldn't understand

Your reason for doing this

Every time, my mother had

Forgotten to give me money for the

Drive to the therapist,

You always blamed


For that

You always told my parents how hopeless I was,


If I forgot my pens one school day,

You made sure I

Remembered it

The rest of the week

If I did something the way you'd taught me,

You'd never tell me

"Good job, Eivnd. Keep it up!"

No, you just let it pass

I started to feel so


When you were around, that

I stopped doing my homework

You told my parents,

And they turned on me

My mother

My father

A little my sister

I felt



Everything you'd told my

Parents that I was.

It got worse

I tried to tell my

Teachers about you,

Or my classmates

But they only told me that I was


A crybaby

That I needed guidance

I felt sick of it all

And one day, you

Wrote a particularly nasty message

In the message book,

Which I showed my parents

My father sided with me then

And you two had a

Verbal fight

Where my father slaughtered you

Now, years after it is


I'm sitting here, wondering how I can

Get those feelings out

So I started thinking about a


A story about a girl

Who no one




approved of

her name was to be Lucy, and she would be


the same age I was when you were

Taunting me

Calling me names

Commenting on my body

In the worst puberty

She would have a

Passion for Japan,

As I do

She would be the kind of person

Who felt out-of-place

As I sometimes do

She would have a father

Who, without meeting


I could never have invented

She would have a mother

Who, without meeting


I could never have invented

That's how I knew,

I would get those feelings out

And I knew what I wanted to call the story