Nights are so boring. I wish something interesting would happen once and a while.

I wonder what's on TV. Probably nothing. I should just read a book.


…? What was that? "Is someone there?"

I guess it was just my imagination. Now, what to read?


That was not my imagination. "Hello? Honey? Is that you?"


…Oh god. Ohh, god. Someone's in the house! What should I do? They know I'm here. Oh dear god, what do I do?!


Must…hide. Upstairs. Must hide upstairs. Quickly. Quietly. Ohh god, what am I going to do?

I don't hear them anymore. Maybe they saw I was gone from downstairs and decided to leave.


Oh god.


They're coming up the stairs! Oh god. What do I do? Gotta hide somewhere better. The closet? Yes, the closet, definitely. Please don't hear me…


He's coming near the room. Please don't hear me… Please don't hear me…


He's in the room! Oh god, he's coming near the closet… Please, god, don't let him find me…

"Well look who I found hiding in the closet."

…it's my husband?

"Are you going to get up or not?"

"Oh! Of…of course. Honey, you scared me so much! You're home early, and, and…"

How could he have not heard me before?


"And, well, I called out to you. But I guess you didn't hear me."

"I heard you. I heard you loud and clear."

What? "Honey, I…I don't understand…"

When exactly did he get a gun?

"Of course you don't, sweetie. You never understand anything, do you?"

"You're scaring me…please, just tell me what's going on…"

"Nothing's going on. I just came home to kill you; that's all."

…Oh god. Oh my god. Please tell me it's a dream. A horrible, terrifying dream…

"What? No comment? No, 'Honey, please don't kill me! Honey, let's just get you some help!' You were always dense."

"You're not thinking straight. You…you can't really want to kill me. You love me." Have to get out of here. Must get out of here. I can't die now…I can't be killed by own husband…

"No, I believe I'm thinking very straight. My thoughts say 'kill'. Why should I ignore them?"

He's raising the gun!

I have to get out of here.

"You can't run from me, sweetie!"

Downstairs…fast…almost out…where's cell phone…need to call police.


"I'd say I'm sorry about this, but then, I'd be lying."

My vision is blurring…


Now he's smiling.

It's a smile of insanity.

I think it may be the last thing I ever see.


ROCHESTER, NY—Authorities have arrested a man, who remains anonymous, whom they believed murdered his wife. Neighbors say the man came home early on Friday, and later heard what they believed to be gunshots. The wife was later found shot and killed in the house when police were called. No other suspects are being questioned as the husband has admitted to killing his wife. When questioned as to his motives, he is quoted as responding, "No reason. She just needed to die. That's all."