Another Saturday evening, with no plans, walking up the same old steps to my apartment . The sound of arguing lovers, all night parties and children running around can be heard through the walls.


I pause for a moment and moan at the dark spicy scent drifting down the heavy abounding stairwell. I take a deep breath and close my eyes relishing the new smell , sticking to my blood cells and making my skin prickle with delight.

I can feel the heat roll down my stomach like a wave, gently passing my waist, suddenly making me feel hot. I stumble, slightly dizzy from the abruptness of this calamity, leaning on the railing for support. I attempt to open my eyes, immediately widening at the sight of an extremely well toned man, rippling with muscles in every direction, completely awe-struck and weak at the knees, I just stand there mouth open, until we clasp eye contact, his steel gray eyes piercing right through me.

I attempt to get myself together , but can't even get my hair back into a pony-tail, leaving it to spill past my shoulders. The man pulls his hand through his thick dark brown hair, his strong jaw , closed tight, with full pink lips as the entryway to my own titillation. He steps closer, I, conceding further into my own little reverie.

An electric shock bolts through my body when he lightly traces his long white finger down my jaw and lifts my chin up to his face, so that I am staring into his now smoky, silver eyes clouded by lust.

His finger brushes against my lips, and he drags his sizable hand behind my neck. He trails in closer, until I can feel his hard, warm body against mine, now slightly pushing me into the railing... before I lose control I whisper-

"Who are you?"

-but its said so faintly, I don't know whether or not it has left my mouth or not, there's a short interim as if he ponders the question, if heard, until he advances anxiously catching my lips with his own, pushing himself into my body harder, my skirt pulling further up my thighs, his tongue licking at my bottom lip and finding the entrance to my mouth, strings of saliva retreating from our mouths while our tongues get tangled up together. His hand gently caresses my back, skimming down my sides and brushing past my volumptious breasts, tugging at the bottom of my shirt he pauses-

"Follow Me"

In a daze, he grabs my hand and pulls me down the hall to my apartment, some how opening it and driving me inside.

He shoves me against the wall, locking the door behind him, he pulls at my shirt, gaining entry to my stomach he travels up my abdomen cupping my right breast, growing frustrated with the only barrier to both our sexual absolution, he rips it off my body, unzipping my pants and encompassing my right nipple with his mouth, kneading the other one with his free hand.

Pulling my head back I let out a deep moan, making him bite my nipple tenderly.

His manhood is now throbbing for relief, noticeable through his navy blue jeans, I roll out of his grasp and push him against the wall, unzipping his pants and gather his 7 inches into my hand, listening to him hiss under his breath-

"MISS. NEWLAND! What are you doing!?"

Crap, right at the good part too..

"err, reading"

"Rebecca now is not the time to be reading, you have a 16 page essay due next week wednesday, and I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't gotten started"

Well, fuck you I can get that done at home, I hate English class-

Rebecca groans and replies "Oh, on the contrary, not only have I started but I have three pages left to write" she smirks

".....We both know that's a lie now get to work , I expect that essay on my desk no later than Wednesday morning" He says turning away, walking back to his desk.

"Uh Huh" Rebecca says rolling her eyes.

"Don't you roll your eyes at me Rebecca"

How the hell...

An uproar of giggling explodes in the room, when is practically being assaulted by his X amount of fan girls.

Ugh, what do they see in the man, sure he's well fit, strong shoulders, slim long legs, amazingly well groomed hair, and has those demanding emerald green eyes of his, hidden by luscious dark eyelashes, he's also well dressed, Ok...maybe it does make sense that he has such a huge fan base, too bad he's such an asshole.

Rebecca groans in distaste, sneaking back into her erotic wonderland...

I take the strangers shaft within my bony fingers and lazily rub up and downward in a slow motion enjoying the soft warm skin inside my hand. The man lets out a growl of pleasure, in return making me wet between the legs. Beginning to go faster, he picks me up and carries me to the nearest sofa, ripping off any excess clothes and laying me down softly, spreading my legs wide open-

"Miss. Newland, Did I not tell you to put that book away? What are you reading anyways, your face is a very strange shade of red at the moment" McClear says with a hint of teasing in those clear eyes.

Ugh, You bastard, leave me alone-

"Oh Nothing, It's just a little hot in here, is all"

"Mmmhmmm, please put the book away, this is your last warning, or there will be consequences"

Rebecca raises an eyebrow

I can't possibly get in trouble for reading, in English class!

"I can tell from your facial expression, that you dare to challenge me, I see, so detention tomorrow morning at 6:30, sounds sufficient, don't be late "

I can't believe this, what complete bullshit...-

" Reply please"

"Yes..Sir" Rebecca grumbles.