"Shhh" He hushed.

Immediatley covering her mouth with his large hand, restraining her might to yell in protest.

He pushed her into the concrete wall next to the heavy metal door and whispered into her ear, "The teachers are the last to leave. The majority of them should be gone by now, but please try to be quiet though" he insisted.

Rebecca rolled her eyes, trying to squirm out of his grip.

McClear merely smirked at her resistance, firmly tightening his hand around her mouth.

"Fine." He breathed.

"This would be so much easier if you were just obedient, Miss. Newland"...

"You will learn though." He growled..

Her eyes widened even more, as he pressed against her, his hard body perfectly fitting with hers.

The feel of his hot breath against her nape seized her breathing and trailed a path of goosebumps from her neck to her waist.

Silence stretched inside the room for what seemed like an eternity...

Rebecca's thoughts drifting in and out, inside the nearly pitch dark classroom.

She could feel the soft humming of his heart beating against her own chest, and it distracted her, relieving her for a second...

Finally, He muttered "They're gone now" his voice was deep and husky and when he chuckled she could feel the chords in his throat vibrate against her chest.

The natural smell of his skin was thick and dark, and she inhaled the heavy spice of him, trying her best to stay clear minded, and failing terribly.

Slightly dizzy, he let go of her once he was sure the last of the teachers made it out of the school.

Releasing her of his hold, she snapped out of her trance and pushed him further away from her.

"I-I-I'm leaving now" she stammered.

"Whys that?" he questioned.

"I-It's time to go home, and just like you said, everyone is gone now anyways.." she stumbled past him, not able to look at him her eyes stared at the floor, trying to cover her blushing face.

Successfully she twisted the door handle....before he slammed it back shut.

The noise it made , didnt matter. Now that they were left in the hollow school by themselves, no one was going to hear it anyways.

Even the night clean up crew weren't coming. The principal had asked them not to bother with tonight, in order to allow the orientation to go down without any delays.

Due to the fact it was also friday, they could do it tomorrow, so it really made no difference....

McClear pulled her against the wall again and grabbed her wrists with one hand, lifting them above her head.

"Fuck you, I said I was leaving!" She grumbled, trying to slip out of McClears grasp.

He positioned his knee in between her legs and used his free hand to stroke her thigh "You have such a foul mouth" he said.

Rebecca strained against his hold and it felt as if small jolts of electricity hit her every time he stroked her thigh.

She could feel herself getting wet and the palms of her hands beginning to feel clammy. So she struggled under his hold and quickly started growing impatient with him.

"OK Asshole, get off of me!" She spat, surprised by the strength of her voice when she was breathing so heavily.

He pushed her against the wall again, with a little more force this time.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She groaned. "That fucking hurt!"

"Im sorry Rebecca, but I am still your teacher, I don't appreciate that tone of voice"

"Like Hell ! Are you insane?! Im asking seriously this time, because Im not quite sure anymore"

He tightened his grip on her wrists, and her head flew back, her mouth slightly ajar, she groaned at the pain but strangely relished it at the same time.

She began to pant, as she felt her panties stain with lust. "L-l-let go of me!!" she yelled.

"Must you scream like that? Calm down" he teased "I know your enjoying yourself", he removed his hand from her thigh and she sighed a breath of relief.

He began teasing her, slowing sliding his forefinger down her collarbone, "Just, look at the way your breathing so heavily"

"N-n-no, that's because your squishing me you jackass" Rebecca stuttered.

He sighed "Again with the cursing? When will you stop"

"When you get off of me!" She yelled again.

Tiny shocks hit her neck, as he past it, now sliding his finger down her jaw , and stopping at her full pink lips.

"Did I say you look gorgeous tonight? Green really suits you" She rolled her eyes at his comment-

His thumb grazed her bottom lip and he looked up at her with his dark emerald eyes, a much deeper color all of a sudden.

She was startled for a second, and felt her insides squeeze with anticipation and couldn't look away, instinctively holding her breath.

The feeling of butterflies trying to break out of her stomach locked her in place as her heart raced when he grazed her bottom lip with his thumb this time.

It felt as if her heart was going to blow out of her chest ,and she started to worry if he could hear it beat so rapidly.

A dark red blush creeped up her cheek bones, leaving her hotter than she was the last three seconds ago.

"...SIR, GET OFF-" she tried, but he silenced her with a kiss, he was good at that. This time letting his tongue slip past her full lips and battle with hers...

She moaned unexpectedly, remembering how she didnt let herself off in the shower...All her stress melted away as he kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue, and gently nibbling on her bottom lip. Her legs gave way and she slid down the wall, his knee caching her, and holding her up. She arched her back, moaning outloud as McClear grazed his knee against her. He slipped his free hand under her shirt, trailing his sizable hand up her abdomen, tracing circles past her belly button. Rebecca arched her back even more, her breasts straining against the thin fabric of her top.

He let go of her wrists, pulling her top off and past her head in second, and easily undoing her bra, throwing the barrier behind him. Her hands were in his hair, pulling on his soft brown tresses, getting lost in the silky waves.

He cupped her left breast and she gasped , her head falling onto his shoulder.

He smirked, pulling on the tiny pink bud of her breast, instantly growing hard at his touch. Rebecca cursed, her body, once again, going on automatic.

McClear could feel her grinding against his knee and her hot breath on his neck.

He rubbed and tugged on her full B cups and hissed when Becca bit his ear, and nibbled at his neck.

His erection probed her thigh, and he cursed as she bit his ear again.

Her mind was a complete fog, little sounds of "No" "Stop" "What are you doing!?" "He's your teacher!" seemed to echo in her head but the sound of her heavy breathing and his pants drowned out her thoughts.

She pulled on his hair even harder, at the feel of his cock rubbing against her thigh, and definatley left a mark on his neck, where she tenderly bite him.

McClear squeezed her breasts in the palm of his hands, pulling again on those cute pink buds of hers , listening to her moan in his ear. He chortled "You were much easier to convince than I thought dear"

"W-what" she whispered almost coming out of it when McClear picked her up, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist, and yelped at the feel of his manhood now at her core.

She groaned gripping the back of his shirt as he carried her to his desk, pushing everything off before setting her down on the cool surface.

"mmm, Rebecca, what happened? Your not pushing me away anymore...." He laughed while twirling a piece of her hair between his fingers.

She looked away, too embarrassed and frankly too dizzy to look him in the face.

"Well?" he hummed kissing the nape of her neck.

hands roamed up her sides, and Rebecca wrapped her long legs around his waist tighter, throwing her head back and moaning at the feel of his cock back at her core. He thrusted through his clothes and she shook underneath him biting her lip in reaction, as her hips thrusted back in return.

"You enjoy this more than you let off" He grinned.

All Rebecca could do was grip at his shirt, and shake her pretty little head...

'Oh god what am I doing-' she thought, a small voice of reason still echoing inside her head.

But McClear's hands dragged down her flat stomach, curling his fingers under her panties, pulling them down her smooth pale legs with ease, nudging that tiny voice in her head.

"W-w-what are you doing!?" she yelped sitting upright. "Shhhh" He hushed her, licking her lips and letting it drag into her mouth. As much as she tried to fight back, She just moaned moving her hands around his neck now, as he dragged one finger down the lips of her core, separating them. Teasing her with the slight nudges to her clitoris, massaging that bud till her hips began to buck forwards and she grew more and more wet.

Moaning even louder this time, she bite down on 's bottom lip, so hard it began to bleed, and she started sucking at his lips, licking them dry. She ravished his lips, in her cloud of lust, making McClear pause for a moment, widening his eyes, at her sudden reaction, before rolling them back closed, letting out a deep groan. He breathed heavily into her neck, and now moved his mouth to her chest, while he slipped one finger into her already soaken folds.

She shivered under him and he took her right nipple into his mouth. Her hands instantly back in his hair now, again pulling on those silk tresses as he suckled her, and slowly brought his finger in and out of her, slipping in a second finger now.

She pulled at his hair squeezing her eyes shut an animalistic moan emiting from the back of her own throat.

He chuckled.

"Your a virgin." She froze. "I like that" He whispered.

Her entire body flushed and her hips took over slamming down on his long fingers. Till her body shook with pleasure, and he fingered her harder, prolonging her orgasm, until she collapsed onto her back, her body drenched with sweat. He used his tongue to lap her up and she hissed crying with more pleasure, taking in deep heavy breaths...

He laid ontop of her, fitting in between her legs, using his hand for support as he licked his fingers clean.

Her eyes widened and he stared at her with a smirk " Your delicious "