Sorry. Not a chapter! A/N:

Hello, my beloved readers! Sarah here with an important update about this story.

As you may or may not have heard, I'm putting this story on a (very) temporary hiatus as I rewrite it. Maybe I'm being nit-picky, but I have found way too many errors in my plot and characters. Ergo--a rewrite is in order! I thought I had finished the story, but as I was looking it over, I was appalled to see the amount of gaps in character development and lack of scenes.

Most of this being rewritten you haven't even seen; the beginning chapters won't even change that much, so hopefully you won't be too confused. Name changes are likely to be made, however. Besides, I think you'll like the rewrite more. I'm adding more character quirks and shoving all of my creative flow into it.

This is one story I refuse to give up on! I started this last September and I have been plotting and wasting away with it (on and off) since then. I have made a vow to keep with this. Anyway, I'll try to have the updated version up soon. I'll take this down when i start to, and send out some sort of notification tucked away in a oneshot of sorts. Or I'll just start updating and you'll see it when you get to the new chapters. Either way, I'll make sure you guys know.

Thanks for reviewing and making me feel motivated, guys, I'm really working hard on this one! It's my baby. :)

-xoxo, Sarah