Little Girl

Verse 1
The lights are flashing,
The music's blaring,
Your senses are numbing,
You're well past caring.

In your stilettos, strut to the bar;
A drink please, just one more…
Oh what the hell? After all,
The alcohol's what you came here for.

Oh, little girl,
Won't you hold your head up high?
Oh, little girl,
Won't you save some face tonight?
How did you get here,
So far away from home?
Why did you come here?
To get away from it all…

Verse 2
Your eyes are glazing over,
As his follow you around.
Your dancing's getting clumsy;
You're falling for more than the ground.

His hands are on you now,
Gentle in a rough kinda way.
His whispering to you sweet nothings,
But you can't hear what they say.


His arms wrapped tight around you
His breathing in your ear
His pulse syncing with yours
Oh, little girl, how did you end up here?
Oh, little girl, let me take you away from here…




Fading out
Get away from it all,
Take me away from it all,
Take me away from here,
Away from here…