I would like to explain this story first. It's not really a story, persay, more of an anonymous girl and her adventures with love. In fact, there is no one character, more of the events of people everywhere.

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It would start with a secret. He would confess a problem to her, she would act sympathetic, and then share something of her own.

They would keep talking, maybe about other guys and girls, maybe school, maybe family. They would be secluded from everything and everyone else, ignoring the dance music and the free food. To them, they were the only people in the room, in the world.

Soon they would start flirting, their vision and motives obscured by a glass or two. And the other would seem much more attractive over the course of the night, with deep, caring eyes and a playful smile. She would feel light and mysterious and he would be the king of the world.

Maybe those motives had been apparent all along as he grabbed her hand and tipsily led her to that small room, telling her she was beautiful and asking why he hadn't seen her before, since he had to have seen her before. Maybe she saw this coming all along, since she had been the nice, innocent-looking girl with the low-cut shirt, slowly succumbing to his simple charms and soapy-smelling shirt. Maybe he didn't expect this, but he sure liked where this was headed.

And as they kissed and removed those unneccessary layers, they both knew in their hearts that neither would really speak to the other again, beyond those "hi"s and "how are you"s spoken in corridors and pathways. After all, they wouldn't remember much of this in the morning.

College kids have to find a way to unwind.