Standing there, absorbing the feeling of his words, the world had never felt so alive.

It had been an ordinary day. She had gone to class, talked to people she knew, and then it was sixth period and another day had passed without major event, like most do. She had taken a psychology test, fell asleep in math, tried to focus in her long and stupid fourth period class, and it had been a normal day.

Until he had come up to her, asking her to talk to him. And she had smiled, said yes, and walked with him to a secluded corner of the hallway, and leaned against the wall. He took her hand, tossing it back and forth between hers. It had felt like those movies of simple infatuation, or tragic daydreams.

Their eyes locked, and no words were said for a few seconds. She was relishing this moment, and she was sure her heart was pounding out the words she wanted to, but didn't have the courage to say.

He started to say something, but she didn't listen. In her head, an audio tape of her own was playing. Of what he should be saying, of what was about to happen in an ideal world. She started to blush, even though she only heard a bit of his words. "Here's the thing..."

People passed by her, including her friend. She gave her a look of surprise, and then gave a thumbs-up sign. Why couldn't she pay attention?

Was it him, overall? Was it her? Was this moment not meant to be?

"I really like you."

He smiled, and let go of her hand, which in her head didn't make sense. In her head she could swear she could hear fireworks, the two hearts pounding in syncopation; she could hear every cliche.