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CHAPTER 3- Milo and Kathy

Milo and Kathy stood in the hallway, each holding two buckets of water. "Uuuugh. These are heavy." Kathy complained. There was a silence.
"...Say, why are we learning about Japanese culture in Science class, anyway?" inquired Kathy.
"Beats me"
-3 minutes earlier-


"That's because we are fat. Studies show America is the country consisting of the most obese people. Americans are couch potatoes that eat fast food and laze about all day." Milo whispered, fiddling with his pencil from boredom.

"You know that?" Kathy whispered back.

"And you care?"

"Not particularly."

"BAKER! YOUNG! OUT IN THE HALL, NOW!" Ms. Rapon barked, thrusting buckets of water in front of them, dangling to and fro, slogging the ground.

As Kathy (Young) and Milo (Baker) began to leave the classroom, the teacher turned back to the class and explained that when students were disruptive in Japan, they actually got punishment for it. And how they were called by their last names. And...yeah. She yelled it.

Anyways, back where we were.

Kathy began moving around the buckets, taking care not to spill any. "Hey, it's easier if you bend your arms up and hold them"
Milo looked over at Kathy. She was still holding them the same way, but she had bent her elbows toward her shoulders and the buckets were hanging down to only her stomach.

Milo tried it, but he almost spilled one of the buckets. Kathy quickly lurched in and put her hands in front of Milo, who had been falling with it. A splash of water hit the tile, but they really couldn't care less.

"Sorry. I have more strengh in my upper arms than in my shoulders, so I guess it was easier for ME, but probably not for you." Had she been talking to anyone else, she would have said something more along the lines of, 'You klutz. Are these too heavy for you?', in a joking manner of course, but Milo was too...GOOD. He was nicer than pretty much anyone in the school, and more normal to boot.

"So are you coming to the navy football game during recess today, Milo?"

"Nah. Sports aren't really my thing." Milo shifted from one leg to the other, and began to grow bored. And when Milo is bored, his ever-so normal mind begins to twist and think up absurdities in order to please itself. Yes, when Milo finds himself not having the time of his life, he isn't quite as...together.

Milo inched closer to Kathy. Let's call abandoned-all-hope, extremely bored Milo "Rico", shall we? ;P Once the third Harry Potter book could be wedged between them and balanced, Rico lifted one of the metal buckets over their heads. Kathy started scooting away, but she was too late. A flood of the school cafateria's grimy neon water splashed all over Rico and Kathy. A low-pitched cry came from her lips. Her caramel brown hair clung to her face. Her glasses distinguished all items as blobs. But the sorryest part of her was her uniform. Likewise with Rico.

"Nooooo, you didn't!" Kathy chuckled loudly. She took both her buckets and they splashed each other. They were positively soaking, dripping the gross can't-even-be-described-as-water droplets into puddles on the floor.

Hattie, who had been staring at the funky clock in the science classroom, just happened to hear their laughter. Ok, maybe everyone in the classroom heard it, but due to the glass window from the hallway to the classroom and her position right by it, Hattie got the best view of just whatever the heck was going on.

"S-should I go get them, Ms. Rapon?" Ronald, who sat right behind Hattie, cleared his throat and stuttered. He was trying to get on her good side.

"No..", The teacher furled her bottom lip in displeasure, scrunching her eyes and glaring at them through her crescent-shaped glasses, "LET them have their FUN." Rapon spoke the word 'fun' as if she had been bitten by an exotic toad at the time she spoke it, recoiling with pain and disgust. She turned back to the whiteboard and wrote in a bright yellow marker a formula about how " Japan :( and Ameica ()(:D) " . She figured she could just put all these impossibilites on the test the students unknowingly had tomorrow and then make Milo and Kathy suffer in complete agony. You know, cuz a simple smile from a child skyrockets Ms. Rapon into a deep depression and a heavy feeling of resentment.

Kathy plopped down on the floor, her buckets empty. She giggled uncontrollably. "You're horrible, you know that? What are we going to do when 'cranky four-eyes' sees this?" she asked jokingly as though she cared.

Rico hadn't left Milo's system yet, quite apparently. He threw his head back and laughed horrendously. Kathy didn't throw him a strange get-away-from-me-retard look, she simply sufficed to laugh along. Then she fell asleep...cuz she falls asleep spontaneously. Did I forget to mention that? It happens ALL the time. :D

It wasn't long before Milo, MILO Milo, not Rico Milo, fell asleep as well. So there they lay for the rest of the class, hunched up together sleeping. - An hour later -

"Hey, you guys missed lunch." Jacob said as though it were no big deal, walking past the two who had been sleeping "cozily" in a pile of the muck that couldn't muster as water even if they didn't put in 5 gallons of slime. "DUDE!" Jake suddenly shouted.

Milo looked over his shoulder groggily at Kathy, who was still asleep, head on his shoulder, arm draped partly over him. She moves a lot. He suddenly blushed crimson and tried to get up without obstructing the girl's sleep. It didn't work.

"Izzit rezezz yetz?" Kathy mumbled, removing her glasses and rubbing at her eyes, finding it hard to speak using syllables without pronouncing a 'z' . "Yeah. There are like, 10 minutes left." Jacob explained, pointing at the strange clock in Ms. Rapon's room.

"Crud! I promised Earl I'd be there for navy football! I hope he doesn't get mad I missed most of it." Kathy got up quickly and ran away with no acknowledgment of Milo's prescence. Jacob glanced over at Milo and extended a hand to his friend, but said boy was staring with a small scowl in the direction she had just run. "Do I sense some...JEALOUSY?" The last word was said loudly; Jacob almost had to cover his own ears. "A-agh-aaaagh! Shut up!" Milo looked around with some panic. Then he quickly put his hands over his mouth. "I- I mean", he squeaked, "No!"

Jacob smirked with a knowing look. "Whatever, bud"
(I did not intend to offend Japanese people in this chapter! I think they're WAAAY better than Americans! )