2 Max

Max of Water, a student of Seamus, and a teacher of water. I have come to tell you, don't enter New York. I now know that there are some that are coming to destroy us. To help you, I have written in short, And with a plan to talk to you in a way, without Seth finding out, For I have important things to tell you. Use the focus that I have told you in the last, And with it, all darkness should go. With focus, Seth will not find you. I now if we are strong, we can over come these evil. Let the light be your guide. It will protect you like it protected me, As I lived through the hardest nights. Now I must tell you to come and see me. I am here now where I told you I would be. I am waiting for new years day. Our numbers are growing strong, I know, Yet I cannot let us live in the darkness. We need to let the light shine upon us, Upon everyone and anyone, that the light fits best. Now I must finish, let the light guide you, A short farewell I must say, Followers I have given the light.