A/N: Well, I've been pretty dry on inspiration for any aspects of my writing for a while now, so this was a relief when I scrawled it out. It came, as I hinted, out of nowhere, but as I always say, that doesn't make it any less personal or good, for that matter. I personally think this is one of my best pieces, and I hope you agree.


A Nonconformist's Lament

Take yourself, to somewhere else!
'Cause I can't stand this living hell!
Die for nothing to proceed!
Living life that we don't need!

And we don't need!
What we can't be!

For what it's worth, it could be worse!!
But it could be better too!
I know we've strived to live a lie!
But I did it all for you!
Break away, when you can't stay!
With nothing left to lose!

Beat the hearse to come in first!
Now your heart begins to burst!
Obliterating all this waiting!
Life's too short for compensating!

And we don't need...

For what it's worth, this can get worse!!!
But it could be so much better too!
It's true we tried to live a lie!
But I did this all for you!
Run away, cause you won't stay!!
There's nothing left to prove!

And we won't heed!
And we won't scream!
In agony.
Cause we don't need!

For what it's worth... It could be worse!
But it could be better too!
Though we tried to live a lie!
I did it because I love you!
Break away and I won't stay!!!
There's nothing left to do...