you were alone (silence)
your hands were closed (tightly)
sitting, surrounded by white (pills)
what you needed was empty (your heart)

breathe in, breathe out

face down, porcelain white
locks brushed your face
you look distressed against the tiles…

your beautiful blue eyes (shut)
your beautiful pink cheeks (fading)
your beautiful full lips (cold)
you looked empty so (lifeless)

crying, crying, crying
((your mark has been left))

you're now wandering beneath the earth
within lovely (dark) scarlet flames
your eyes search above you…

your girlfriend is alone (she gave herself to you)
your best friend sad (he's missing all the drinks)
your pastor dazed (you had been a liar)
a close friend confused (he found you on the floor)

now shattering, shattering, shattering
((but from hell there's no way to reverse it))

shaking at the words of your loved ones,
your body condensing into puddles
all the while wishing for another chance…

it's just so depressing (a shame)
when all that's left of an amazing (broken) boy
is a withering legacy (nightmare)
in his friends' minds (hearts)

your legacy is just as broken as you (were)
the only pieces of you that's left.