Who Didn't Exist.

Dearest Zach,

I am never going to broadcast
my thoughts.
But I will
be famous. And I will
change the world.
((so will you))

Love Always,

P.S. Criss-cross like sour moods.
I'm sorry, there's been an attack
on the truth.
And if people think you are who you are,
and if you're nothing than you're not,
it's oh so wrong,
...and it's the hustler's fault.
Arrows and upward abroad and a woe
I'm not even a soul,
and nobody knows.
Alcohol headaches, a vacant face,
I'm not even a spirit,
not alive or awake.
Force yourself to early mornings,
wake up in the midst,
of bad teenage poetry and
a weird cursive kiss.
Do you think just because
the bracelet is bright,
you could see it on his wrist
under the bar's blacklight?
No, it's crawled up her forearm,
into a leather sleeve
it's hiding somewhere you will never see.
Yes, it slipped off, 'cause he's such a little boy.
I'm so glad I got up this morning
to hear his southern voice.
I guess there will not be an end
to the heating of the world,
so we need to become known now
before I birth this little girl.