To See The World In White

The colors danced about the changing light,

The leaves releaséd from the graying bark.

A wish was made to see the world in white.

The wish was carried to enormous height,

Up where its purpose then could re-embark.

Then someone reachéd out and killed the light.

A solstice heralds in the longest night

To signal entrance into heartless dark.

Leaves trampled by a fleeing doe in white –

Oh scurry, hurry! from the hungry Wight!

They eat the cold and leave the bones in stark

Formality. They feed on winter's light

And find it quite the perfect little plight

For frozen eggs and baby's parent Lark.

The ice began to drape the world in white

And caused the laughter, tears, and vicious fight

For food, for safety, life, and now we hark.

This season shadows Death's known lonely light,

For someone wished the world to dress in white.