dark intrusions through my cluttered thoughts
cold hands settling around my throat
so tonight's the night you avenge your
poor massacred innocence
laugh scornfully and call me a
sinner so what?
i can feel those glares sinking through my skin
angry ink seeping into already-carved
tattoos made of only the purest reborn
scar-flesh torn white and pristine like
what my heart should have been not like
the filthy filthy darkness it is
blood caked the fist i flung at the
mirror just to get rid of you, jinx
seven years of the worst luck and
seven years of self-inflicted hell
i just want something i can never have
lies spiderweb across honesty's wide naïve eyes
consume and defile
one virtue down, another ninety-nine to go
anger edged into every breath
searing hot icicles coating the insides
of my lungs the frigidity sets in
how could you? screams the banshee
dancing death circles around the next
victim's heart – lead the way
neon knives soaked in dayglo gore-stains
just point to them love point to the accused
run run run can't you run faster?
run run little machine
with your clicking gears and false promises
we'll find you
i swear it you'll never be safe

'don't let them win.'