they pulled you out
of those frigid, clinging waters,
checked for a pulse.
no life nothing.
no. more.
eyes still open,
foggy, hazy,
still beautiful with
pale pale creamy flesh pale pale blue-grey.
bruise-prints of my hands clutching your throat
before pushing you in, blinded by hate.
crept over to you,
bending, disbelieving.
(did i do this?)
'no no no'
this can't be
you're still alive this is all
just a sick joke. isn't it?
has to be.
pressed my lips to
yours cold cold blue
memories of yesteryear last time we
said 'i love you's like sincerity
a year with only bitterness, watching you
walk away without me.
lost in denial you taste like
like sweet sweet
(i didn't kill you no no NO)
i froze in time.
your voice. it echoed
in my ear.
'you. killed me.'
frozen frozen lips,
still whisper against mine.
you taste like decay.