epiphanies whisper nighttime
lullabies ringing in the emptier depths of my mind
i always knew.
amber-green eyes held something more
more animalistic than these timid, timid humans
so breakable, breakable.
rows of sharp canines and
'oh love, i could just RIP your heart out'
no need to scream; no no no.
they always did call me odd.
revenge sweet vengeance
blood dripping off
dripping landing collecting in crimson
puddles on the immaculate tiled floors
claws scrabble screechy sounds
'over there!'
run towards the enemy
the fragile, fragile enemy
rip their voices from their soft larynxes
snarl cower in fear.
learn to speak in mute.
lope wolflike and darkened by rain out into the storm
say goodbye to this, to this
'adieu, adieu'
cruel worlds, cruel worlds
farewell to you and i