Second Greatest Enemy

You guys asked for a sequel so here it is! Full of more childish pranks, perverts, and the original cast. I hope you enjoy, but I doubt it'll be as good as the original. ) Please review so you can give me some feedback.

Chapter One: Perverts and Ice cream

"Sandra, get down here! The boys will be over any minute!" Kari yelled to her longtime friend and now roommate who was now locked in the upstairs bathroom.

"I'm not coming! I don't see why the hell I have to double date with that pervert anyways. You and Isaac enjoy a night together."

"Sandra, you already promised. Come on, it'll be fun." Kari sang knocking on the bathroom door.




"Please?" Silence. Kari sighed, "I didn't want to have to do this but if you don't come I'll have to tell them all your embarrassing secrets."

The door opened a tiny bit, "You wouldn't."

"Oh my god, do you remember that time with the ketchup-"

"Alright!" Snapped Sandra leaving her sanctuary. "I'm coming."

The doorbell rang as if on cue. "That'll be the boys, lets go," Kari grabbed Sandra's arm and dragged her downstairs. Isaac and Mark stood waiting patiently as the girls came, Sandra still arguing with Kari.

"Kari," Isaac kissed her lightly and nodded politely towards Sandra, "Hey."

"Hi Isaac, and Mark," Sandra added with less enthusiasm.

"Sandra!" Mark yelled as if he was greeting her after being away for years and tried to give her a huge hug but Sandra sidestepped him.

"So where are we going Isaac?" Kari asked as they climbed into Isaac's convertible.

"I was thinking ice cream since it's too early for dinner, that alright with you guys?"

"Fine with me," Mark smiled as he tried to slide closer to Sandra who was jammed in the corner.

It took only ten minutes to reach I Scream for Ice cream and they chose a booth in the back near the window. A smiling waitress came up and asked if they were ready to order yet.

"I'll have a strawberry sundae," giggled Kari.

"Mocha ice cream," Isaac said after a quick glance at the menu, "With chocolate sauce."

"A large, um, Oreo blizzard please," Sandra said.

"My you are a picture of beauty," Mark batted his eyes at the waitress.

She giggled, "Oh I don't think so, but thank you so much."

"I don't believe I've seen anyone as pretty as you, would you do me the honor of modeling for me?" Smack.

Sandra glared at Mark and rubbed her hand. "He'll have vanilla ice cream. Thank you very much," she said to the laughing waitress.

Kari and Isaac snickered into their drinks.

"What was that for dear Sandra?" asked Mark who pretended to be offended.

"Gee, I don't know. Maybe that we are supposed to be on a date and you're hitting on our waitress."

Mark slid closer, "Does that mean we are on a official date now?"

"No I uh, just meant um, friends?" Sandra offered her hand to Mark.

He shook it, "Friends."

"Quit grabbing my ass!"

"I couldn't help it, it's so grab able."

Sandra smacked him again and glowered into her ice cream that the waitress came back with. Isaac and Kari looked like they were having a fabulous time, almost in their own little world. Damn them, thought Sandra miserably as she kept a careful watch on Mark's free hand.

A few hours later they were again in front of the girl's house. Kari and Isaac were sharing a private goodbye, because he and Mark were leaving back to their college four hours away and wouldn't be back until the next weekend.

Sandra smiled at Isaac and said a quick goodbye to Mark before funning into the house and into sanctuary. Safe, she thought.

Kari came in a few minutes later her lipstick smudged and hair messed up. "They're gone."


"Oh come on, you're saying you didn't have any fun at all?"


"I saw Mark glancing at you half the time."

"Probably trying to figure out which parts of me to grab next," grumbled Sandra taking out a soda and handing Kari one. "He is such a frikin pervert."

Kari sighed, "Well he can be, but he's a real sweetheart, and Isaac thinks he really likes you."

Sandra grunted and began to watch Made on their TV. "I suppose they want to hang out with both of us again."

"Well yeah," Kari hesitated, "But if you don't want to, you don't have to."

Sandra sighed, "Why not? I need a little annoyance in my life."

So how was it? Different then I sure expected, and it's going to be a lot different than the original. I love the title; I just thought it sounded so funny, and yes maybe just a little bit wrong. So sue me. Anyways, please review.