Second Greatest Enemy

LAST CHAPTER!!! Though it is more like an epilogue. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have. It sure makes me happy. LOL.

Chapter Five: Happily Ever Dumber?

It was Saturday, exactly two weeks since Sandra and Mark's brilliant plan worked in more ways than one. They were once again gathered at Marks parent's house, watching Failure to Launch so Mark could show off his great master plan, and favorite movie.

"Pass the chips Mark," Sandra said from one side of him.

"Of course my wonderful Sandra," Mark passed them over.

"Watch where you put your hands."

"I can't help myself."

"You'd better or I'll help you myself."

"Fine, fine."

Kari and Isaac rolled their eyes. Sandra and Mark had never stopped fighting over the dumbest things.

"So we never knew why you guys broke up in the first place," remarked Sandra casually.

Kari chocked on her soda and began to have a violent coughing fit at that. Isaac turned towards her worried and gently patted her back. Mark glanced at Sandra with his eyes raised in confusion. After a few seconds Kari stopped choking.

"Well I thought we told you that," Isaac remarked casually glancing away.

"It's just, well we were thinking it was really random," Sandra said helping herself to a handful of chips.

Kari turned bright red. "Well, you see, we never really broke up exactly."

Sandra's eyes narrowed, "What'd you mean?"

"Well you see they pretended to break up so we would get along and figure out we liked each other my dear," Mark grinned putting his arm around Sandra.

Kari glared at him, "Wait a minute," she said slowly, "You mean you knew? How?"
Mark glanced uncomfortably at Isaac, "Well-"


"What? It worked well enough didn't it?" Isaac grumbled at Kari's affronted look. "Yet I still got locked in a trunk, what of that?"

"Well if you'd told me earlier," Mark stated.

"You still have that damn picture on your blog!"

Mark grinned, "Yeah, that is a good picture isn't it?"

Kari was still glaring at Isaac. "Honestly Isaac, all that hard planning and time apart and you blurted out at the first sign or trouble? How weak are you anyways? You could've ruined the entire plan!"

"Not like it was obvious or anything," muttered Sandra.

"What'd you mean?"

"You and Isaac spend more than a day apart? Please."

"It worked didn't it? It got you together!"

"I knew something was up the entire time Kari, because," Sandra broke off smirking.

"Because what?" Kari asked stonily.

"Because I saw you and Isaac making out behind the coffee shop minutes a couple hours after you supposedly got dumped by him, after I already confronted Mark."

"And I was still locked in a trunk," growled Isaac.

"Oh get over it you cry baby, for god sakes I told you about the plan of locking you and Kari in the room together to begin with." Mark stopped as three heads whipped in his direction.

"You did what?"

"Wow Mark."

"You didn't tell me your were going to put me in the trunk," protested Isaac.

"I only did that because I was tired of hearing you whine about going to a strip club," snorted Mark.

"You went where," Sandra looked like she wanted to smack Mark.

"Don't worry my dear, none would look as fine as you."

Sandra rolled her eyes.

"You guys are horrible all cheating like that," Kari pouted.

"Please like you can talk."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Isaac rolled his eyes, "I called you from the trunk before Mark gagged me to tell you what to expect; you just pretended you didn't."

Kari blushed and muttered something about a suggestion for where Isaac could stick that gag next.

Mark blinked, "Wait a minute, so everyone knew about all, or at least, part of the plan? Yet we still went along with it when everything could have been so much simpler?"

Everyone sat in silence, until one by one realizing how dumb they were they began to crack up.

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