Born to be Reborn.

The wet nurse that took him in, she thought that he was nothing more than a pretty mistake from a torrid adventure between adolescents. The baby who was left in an orphanage grew up soon to become a child, he was named Fredric.

Fredric had black hair like a rare black diamond that everybody would appreciate to have, his brown eyes sparkled the irony of a story that he would live someday. Through the window Fredric saw the rain fall, suddenly he wanted to be touched by those raindrops that seemed little white diamonds, so he avoided the orphanage's security to go through a way in the midst of the storm, through a way on which he never returned.

The decision was taken, he would travel around the world to discover the best kept mysteries, to live the adventure and he just carried with him a brush, sheets, canvas, palettes, oils... Fredric wanted to be a painter in his dreams.

Now, Fredric was a twenty one year old man, bored for he had immortalized the Egyptian pyramids and the Eiffel tower in his paintings and in the end he felt that the beauty had spoiled so and lost its delight he just drew to earn his living but at the same time he didn't stop his journey in search of the prettiest thing in this world.

The mayor was not just a rich man who governed the village but he was a proud father too. His daughter would be eighteen on the next week and he and his wife adored their first-born, they pleased every whim of her. There was only one problem--they didn't know what to give her for her birthday! Then the mayor heard rumors about a foreigner in his village, the foreigner was very talented in painting, so he ordered a maiden to go to the inn where the foreigner stayed.

In the inn were drunks, thiefs, murderers, swindlers, so the maiden was very brave when she walked between them until she found the foreigner who was having a snack.

"Good afternoon," spoke the maiden as the foreigner heard her without turning. "good afternoon," repeated she, wondering if the young man was paying attention.

"What?" questioned the person in question.

"The mayor sent me to contract you to make a portrait."

"Today I'm going to other village to attend its winter festivals"

"The mayor will pay you very well" said the maiden putting gold pieces on the table.

"There are things more interesting than gold... like... rubies"

"So the mayor will pay you rubies or what you wish"

"In reality there's nobody who can make my wish come true, that is, what I wish is to get the prettiest thing in this world"

The maiden spread her fan to hide her smile as the young man faced her.

"The prettiest thing? It's in the mayor's house"

That sentence persuaded to the young man to go to meet the mayor.

The maiden escorted the invited through the garden full of statues and caged birds, they arrived to the living room where the host waited, the mayor thought the foreigner was his savior, he would ask him to make a portrait of his daughter for he thought she would love the idea.

"Where is your daughter?" asked the foreigner as the mayor told him about the situation.

"Here" answered the old man as the young man aback looked around..

Chairs, tables, curtains, mirrors, but he didn't see the young girl in question.

"Here" the mayor opened the locket around his neck.

"Do you want me to draw a photo?" said the foreigner as he observed the photograph inside the locket.

The photograp captured the beauty of Paulina, the daughter of the mayor.

"The portrait is a surprise gift for my little girl, you understand, surprise means she must not know before the time, so the photograp will guide you to make the painting"

The young man knotted his eyebrows as the mayor and the maiden left him alone in the living room.

He took materials in his briefcase out and start to draw the young girl, it was not a lie when the maiden said him that the daughter of the mayor was pretty.

While he mixed the oils with water, he fell in love with her big brown eyes, with her golden hair, with her elegant look, with Paulina.

With skill the foreigner drew the lips that he wished to kiss on the canvas, finalizing details, he would use the painting as excuse to get to know Paulina.

He was sure if the young girl was amazed by his work, she would ask to know him in person, and he would appear between roses, kneeling down, taking her hand to kiss it, and together they would dance until dawn and for the rest of the dawns, then a noise from the balcony interrupted the lover's thoughts.

With a blanket the young man covered the painting as he walked towards the balcony, he opened the window to look out and there was a fat cat miaow.

"Are you the impertinent who interrupted me?"


"If I knew what you were saying I would be a rich man" mocked the young man as he took the cat in his arms.

The cat had a emerald bell tied around its tail and the foreigner could notice that it carried a blue object between its fangs, the blue object was moving, curious he took the object in his hands and realized that it was a bluebird that had been wounded by an arrow.

"See you later" said the young man letting the cat go.

The feline slipped away towards the kitchen.

Without knowing what to do with the bluebird, he left it into his briefcase as he continued on his work.

At night, the foreigner said goodbye to the mayor, and he returned to the inn where he stayed without attracting attention. He arrived at his rented room, he had asked the mayor to give him Paulina's photograph but the man gave him the locket. The young man opened the briefcase to look at the locket but instead of it, he found the bluebird.

"Should I bury you or just should I throw you?" wondered he as felt the bluebird pecks his hand "or save you..."

He knew that bluebirds came from the family paradisaeidae, the members of this family were known for their elaborate feathers from beak, head or wings, so if he saved the bluebird he could sell it in the future.

Making up his mind, the young man left the bluebird on his bed, to draw the arrow out it was too late, there was need to remove the wounded wing to save its life.

Dark blood spilled from the wound, his hands looked like they were stained by crimson oil, there were not bandages, so he had to make scraps of the tablecloth.

He was concentrating so much on bandaging the amputated part that he didn't notice the glass vase broke in the fall from the table filled with palettes and paints.

The bleeding stopped bit by bit. The young man was not sure if he did a good job, he just covered the absent wing with the pieces of tablecloth, the only thing he was sure of was that the bluebird that now slept peacefully, would wake up different. Can a bird with only one wing fly? In fact, how much does a disabled bird cost?

The pieces of glass were like icicles on the floor, he was pierced by a shard and a drop of blood appeared on his thumb,new sentence the young man smiled bitterly and cleaned the sticky blood from his hands with a paper, on which the sketch of a dragonfly was drawn. The bloodstain made it appear as if the dragonfly flew above a crimson sky.

The next day, the young man woke up from the dream in which he danced waltz and polka with Paulina, afterward they shared tea and cookies as they exchanged secrets and poems, even if he didn't meet her still, he felt as if he knew all about her. Because of the sunlights piercing the window, the young man observed a young girl sleeping by his side. Nobody could imagine his surprise, he woke up with a stranger in his bed! Scared, the young man slapped the girl on the back to wake her up. The girl groaned, she wanted to stay sleeping in that comfortable bed, so the young man less passively, took her arm and shook her making her eyes open wide and he pulled her out his room, closing the door.

"Winter will come soon. I have no place to go.. at the moment" the girl spoke softly, almost imperceptibly. She rested her head on the door, waiting for him to receive her "thanks for saving my life"

In one moment, the young man opened the door and there was the girl standing.

"My name is Rosalía, and you?"

"Fredric" answered the black-haired man who was a bit disturbed "you are..."

"A bird of paradise"

"Well, I wanted to say, you are a crazy who entered to my room without my permission"

"But it was you who carried me to your bed" the girl blushed covering her mouth "I want to say, you saved my life. I'm a bird wounded by a hunter and you... you have saved my life!"

"Listen, you are a girl, not a bird"

"I'm a bird, look" she spread her only one blue wing on her back that made her charming even if she was not very handsome.

Rosalía had colorful ribbons that adorned her curly light red hair that framed her round face as if it were a world full of enigmas to decipher, her arched eyebrows like the rainbow after it rained and her expressive eyes like an mirror able to reflect souls, her slender nose like the moon's profile, she was like a rose full of thorns, born to be reborn.

"One blue wing" said Fredric sceptically.

The girl who had one blue wing wrapped her arms around his neck, she hugged him strongly, wishing he would wrap his arms around her too but Fredric never did, he just let her hold him but he couldn't hold her back, not even when she rested her head on his chest.

"It's for you," rosalía pulled back, "it's a feather from my wing"

She turned into a bluebird again.

"you can ask it any wish, and the feather will grant your most important wish"

"Wish? I have a lot of wishes"

"What is going on? questioned the inn's owner, she thought there was an argument.

Fredric shrugged and threw the feather.

"The woman with the fan."

"The yesterday's maiden?"

"Yes, she came to give you this"

The black-haired man took the envelope, he waited until that the inn's owner walked away to break the seal and read the letter.

It was a invitation to Paulina's birthday party.

The birthday party would be on the next week, meanwhile, Fredric drew Paulina as if she was between gardenias, as if she was spreading her arms out to receive the sunset, he drew her as if she was taking a walk, he drew her...

Meanwhile' would be better, Rosalía walked towards the heart of the forest near the village.

The snow that fell lately ceased, the sun faded behind the clouds in the sky, turning them orange-colored. It would be a nice afternoon.

The young girl who had one blue wing searched for something too, a snow flower, therefore she didn't fly towards warm places to keep safe from winter. Rosalía brought herself near the lake covered with strings of snow, she watched the sunset's reflection on the water, and she made a little boat out of paper and put it on, Rosalía waited for the boat moves away until it disappeared, then she asked her wish, and walked towards a tree where snow flowers bloomed.

If she had her lost wing, she could fly to the top of the tree to take a snow flower, but now she would climb for the flower.

The time flew, Fredric prepared himself to attend Paulina's birthday party, he wore a tuxedo and he would give a sapphire necklace to Paulina.

Someone knocked on his door, annoyed for the interruption, the black-haired man opened the door to find the young girl who had one wing in front of him, with no word, Rosalía brushed her light red hair as she gave a snow flower to Fredric but he instead of taking the flower, he pushed her away.

Rosalía fell against the wall, Fredric returned to his room to finish to get ready, soon after, he went out of the room and he could notice the young girl who had one wing stayed seated in the corner with her hands covering her blue eyes filled with tears.

She thought she was important to someone, because, if she wasn't important to Fredric, why did he save her life? Rosalía felt his faith in her, she could fly again even if she had only one wing.

Mayor's house was filled with people, desserts, meats, drinks, salad, and everything one could imagine from a banquet. Like a curtain, maidens moved apart to let pass Fredric who walked towards the young girl seated between gifts.

"Good night" said the young girl stretching her hand out.


"How do you know my name?"

"You said it to me in my dreams"

"Really?" asked the blonde caressing the cat lying on her lap "And?"

"We dance"

Flattered Paulina clapped for the musicians start to play a special melody that she chose to dance with someone special, Fredric put his arms around her waist, and together they spent the night dancing on the dance floor.

"Do you know why the village was named Snow Flowers?" spoke Paulina to kill the silence between her new friend and her.

No, Fredric didn't know and he didn't care to know, but he nodded because he wanted to hear the sweet voice of the young girl.

"It's named Snow Flowers 'cause even in winter its flowers bloom with beautiful petals like shelters to warm themselves up" explained the blonde as she leaned her head upon Fredric's shoulder. "the village people had a saying that if a person gave a snow flower to their lover, they would love the one who gave it to them forever"

When the musical piece ended, the partners tore apart like withered roses, and that distance became more wide --guests were to wish Paulina a "happy birthday"

Fredric felt in a lot of prettiness, butsomething was ugly, maybe his heart, suddenly he remembered the snow flower that Rosalía gave him, so seeing the true face of the beauty, he excuse himself to the mayor and his wife and disappeared without saying goodbye to Paulina.

Like always in the inn, its owner served food and beer to the criminals who gathered together to count the stolen objects.

Fredric went up the stairs. He walked to the corner, there wasn't Rosalía was no longer there. Instead, there was a a snow flower, melting. The most delightful snow flowers bloomed in the coldest winter, but snow flowers won't last, they can't bloom forever like the love of her, of the young girl who had one blue wing.

Fredric entered his room and took the locket out of his briefcase... empty, then he realized he never had Paulina but in his dreams, and when dawn came dreams would fade slowly. Disheartened, he started to destroy his paintings... He cried like a defenseless child, and fell on his knees.

A blue feather flew down o him, Fredric grasped it and asked for the wish in the bottom of his heart.

It was a dream...

when you get up,

look at the wide sky

your love is flying freely into it.

Paulina hung her portrait up in the wall of the living room where she drank tea with her friends, she wished to know more about Fredric.

But he must continue his journey. Even if he didn't search for the prettiest thing in this world, he would search for a certain bluebird that painted using his heart like a brush. He started to forget the young girl who had one blue wing's profile; his weak point was to quickly forget things left behind or maybe it was a strong point because if such memories of happiness or sadness are kept, the heart would be less easily realize its true wishes.

"I wish... to born to be reborn to meet you again"

In Greece, a boy was seated in the Parthenon's ruins. He was drawing Athena, the wisdom goddess. But suddenly his attention turned to a girl, she was leaving a cage on a column made in the Corinthian style. The boy was got curious as the girl took a bird out of the cage.

"Can the bird with one wing fly?" said the boy, who couldn't help asking.

"Even if she lost one wing, she'd still wish to fly, I think yes" answered the girl shrugging because of the cold day.

The winter arrived too soon. She saw the snow falling onto the cage that wouldn't trap her friend anymore.

"My name is Sally"

"I'm Fred"

"Ah... why do you look at me like I have a scribble on my face?" questioned the girl, blushing.

"We've met before, haven't we?" said the boy shyly, picking a flower blooming between the snow.

Sally didn't take the flower but his hand. The snow flower that Fred offered to her fell beside the cage with the rests of blue feathers as the bird with one wing fly flew into the skies where snowflakes came dancing down from Paradise again.

"I dunno, but nice to meet you"