AN: This is the new version of Truth or Dare, edited 13/04/14. Hopefully it's better than the previous version. This is written completely in first person, Rosalie's point of view, changed from the original.

I pouted sullenly as I glared at the circle of drunken teenagers surrounding me. Once again, I thought to myself about how on earth I'd gotten dragged into this mess. I was blackmailed of all things with a confessions video. Only my best friend since ever could have something so incriminating that I would do something as stupid as Truth or Dare at a party.

The game itself wasn't the problem, it was the fact that Vanessa (the aforementioned evil best friend) was the one who suggested it and would most likely take lead. She was probably plotting ways on how to rig the spinning bottle we were using so it would land on me I just know it. She would pay, especially if I had to do something incredibly stupid – which knowing my luck I would. As I cooked up various ways I could humiliate her in the next hour or so Vanessa nudged me back into reality.

"We're about to start so stop trying to think of ways to kill me-"

"I am not!" I interrupted indignantly, using my best 'I'm-totally-innocent-voice.'

She raised an eyebrow. "No one who really knows you will ever fall for that, you know that right?"

"Fall for what?" I winked, flipping my red-hair over my shoulder cutely and blinking my large hazel eyes up at her. I could feel a smile trying to break its way through my façade and I know Vanessa caught it when her eyes lit up and she gave me a smug look.

"Ooh is that a smile I see? You are so having fun, admit it!" she poked me.

I immediately started sulking again, childishly folding my arms over my chest and then immediately unfolding them as several of the guys zeroed in on my chest. 'I really am going to kill Vanessa' I thought as I tried to subtly pull my dress up which showed a lot more cleavage than I wanted. She'd managed to squeeze me into a dress with a deep V-neck while opting for a tube top and mini-skirt herself, a look that isn't really far from her usual choice in outfits. Anything that didn't warrant at least one incredulous 'you're going out in that?' from one of her parents meant it wasn't an outfit she would probably wear and she never stopped trying to get me to wear ensembles of her choice too. You can only resist the force that is Vanessa for so long, hence the stupid dress I'm wearing, the heels that are slowly but surely killing my feet and the glares I'm sending her way.

"Stop that, embrace it" she struck a pose and smirked at my (futile) attempts to cover up. "Besides, Riley is most definitely loving the show" her smirk grew to such epic proportions I almost wanted to smack it off her face as she elbowed me, gesturing at the bane of my high school existence.

I looked over, seeing him sitting with his right-hand man Matt Evans. Matt was, like always, hitting on every girl at the party and of course failing. Riley on the other hand, was indeed looking at none other than me. He raised an eyebrow questioningly and I could feel my face getting hotter but I refused to be the first to look away. This had been happening a lot as of late. One of us would catch the other staring and it would end up turning into an impromptu staring contest because neither of us was the type to be regarded as the weaker one because they looked away first. Surprisingly, this time he winked at me infuriatingly and then went back to talking to his friends. I blinked and looked away, ending up staring intensely at the wall as if it would tell me what just happened.

That was none other than Riley Thomas, one of the cool, suave guys who were the reason why most of the girls at Westbrook High couldn't help but sigh as they walked past. Of course, this is not including Vanessa or I since he's not all that although I do admit he isn't bad to look at but then he opens his mouth and the appeal is lost.

That guy has been pulling my pigtails (once upon a time quite literally) since about third grade. There was no way I would ever like him in that way. Ever. Period. Especially not after the time in fifth grade where he told our entire class about my crush on Tristan Adams, the most popular guy in our school. I was still sort of mad at Matt because he was the one who found the diary I kept for a pathetic few days as a child where that little fact was written but Riley was the one who decided to share it with everyone so he was the main source of my ire.

I was shaken out of my thoughts as the shrill voice of Jessica screamed for everybody's attention.

"Everyone ready to play Truth or Dare?" Jessica, one of the girls from school and our current hostess jumped up and asked.

I sighed. 'Here we go...'

Everyone cheered and the game began with Vanessa taking the lead like I predicted and spinning the bottle as the easiest method to choose her victims – I mean players of course. The bottle landed on Bree, one of the shyer girls at the party so nobody was really surprised when she picked truth but a few did groan at her predictability.

"Okay calm down you guys" Vanessa shushed everybody and turned her attention towards Bree. "We'll start out easy then, out of Tristan and Matt, who would you go out with?" Both boys gave each other smirks, sure that the other wouldn't be the one picked.

"I would go out with Matt" she rushed out her words and leaned over to spin the bottle again, nervously shouting, "okay, next go!"

I saw Vanessa throw a triumphant 'I told you so' look in Matt's direction who had a dopey grin on his face and I looked at her questioningly. "I'll tell you later" she giggled as the bottle landed on another person. The game continued until most people had had a go, some even having had the unfortunate luck to have another go, Jessica being one of them. What started as a mostly mild game of Truth or Dare soon escalated into dares such as skinny-dipping in Jessica's neighbor's pool with a random boy from the circle and truth's as personal as when and where your cherry got popped.

So of course, my totally natural reaction to all this was to completely freak out and try backing out of the game. I hadn't had a go yet, mercifully thanking whatever force was out there for small miracles, but I knew it was inevitably coming if I didn't try and escape soon. Vanessa probably had a sixth sense because she caught on to my arm as soon as I tried it while the current player was streaking through the garden.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

"Anywhere but here."

"I don't think so missy, you're going to sit here and you're going to do a dare, even if it kills me" she pulled me down, glaring at me the entire time as if to say 'don't even try it.'

"I could just pick truth you know!" I stuck my tongue out at her but even that couldn't count as a small victory because she gave me a devious look in return. I know that look, that was her planning face and I knew whatever her plan was, I was not going to like it.

When it came to be my turn (which was far too soon if you asked me, my evil devil's spawn best friend probably rigged the bottle or something) I gulped, seeing the manic glint in Vanessa's eyes. Suddenly fearing for my life, I debated whether it was safe to run or would I have to see what was in store for me. I must have hesitated a split-second too long as Vanessa pounced on me.

"Ro-sa-lie?" Vanessa asked in a singsong voice. Okay, now I'm officially scared. She never uses my full name unless she's being truly serious or feeling particularly wicked. In this case, I'm guessing it's the latter, unfortunately for me. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth" I said, sitting up straighter. I could hear the groans around me because I was the first 'truth' in a while but I was not going to say 'dare' with Vanessa around who knew how to embarrass me most effectively. I should have realised she would still be able to use that ability with a truth question.

"Right then, what's your wildest fantasy?"

Even before she was finished saying the last syllable, my mouth had dropped open. She already knew the answer to that, it involved someone in the room and the only purpose of asking me that was to get me to say it in front of the others. "Traitor" I groused, to which she actually smiled at me, playing innocent like I had earlier.

"Aww come on Rosie, what's so bad about that?" Tristan, my old crush from fifth grade leered at me from across the circle of people.

Ignoring him, I pleaded with my eyes at Vanessa, "can't I answer something else? Seriously, anything else."

"No" my shoulders slumped, "but you could always pick dare instead because you were unable to do your truth" she offered.

My mouth must have run away without my brain because the next thing I knew, I had blurted out "dare" and the twinkle in Nessa's eye increased to Dumbledore-esque proportions (which oddly enough induced a vision of the lovely dark-haired Nessa as an old woman with a truly long, ebony beard).

This was not good. Now if you knew Nessa, you would know to never ever answer dare. I should have just answered the truth question. Dares gave her powers she was never meant to have and that she used to her every advantage. Regrettably, it seems I am either too stupid to comprehend that or I'm just plain socially suicidal.

As it turns out I was right to think to not ever say dare to Vanessa during these types of games. "I dare you to full on make-out with Riley for two whole minutes!" she announced for the whole circle to hear, though most of them were giggling drunkenly into their glasses or smashing figurines placed around the living room belonging to Jessica's mom, her discovery of them an event I was planning on being long gone for.

My right eye twitched. "You want me to what?" I could feel Riley's eyes drilling holes into me from across the circle but inwardly, I refused to look in his direction however, my eyes betrayed me as they strayed towards him only to go as red as my hair when I did indeed see him staring right back, his eyes drifting to my lips.

"Unless you're chicken," she whispered to me, winking mischievously.

I would have my revenge on her. I don't back down from challenge's and because she knows me well, she knows this too. I wouldn't back down from a challenge like this. (No, trying to run away before your turn in truth or dare is completely different. Really, it is!)

I surprised even myself when I got up and made my way towards Riley. He smirked as I approached "You know you look very sexy when you're mad" he whispered against my ear lobe when I was close enough, his arms managing to wind themselves around my waist, pulling me into his lap. I'm mortified to say it sent shivers racing down my spine, the kind that reach all the way to your toes.

"Then I must look pretty damn gorgeous right no-" I never even got the chance to finish my entirely awesome comeback as Riley's lips swooped down to capture mine in a heated kiss. Clutching at his shirt, I vaguely registered the others cheering us on (I swear somebody even shouted "finally!"). All I could feel was him everywhere, his hands trailing my sides and leaving sparks in their wake. I'd secretly wondered if his hair was as soft as it looked and I found myself confirming those suspicions as the scent of his cologne mixed with all the alcohol I'd had made my brain go pleasantly fuzzy. It hadn't quite yet registered that I was kissing Riley Thomas, the guy who had been annoying me since elementary school when he dipped my red pigtails into blue paint in a sordid attempt to create purple.

I gasped when we pulled away as we had to come up for air sometime, resting my forehead against his. He was genuinely smiling now but also looked apprehensive about what I would do next but I think I shocked Riley when I pulled him back down for a repeat performance.

"Okay you two, you can stop now" I dimly heard Vanessa's voice telling us. I smiled against his lips as Vanessa tried in vain to get us back on track, wanting to continue the game. I caught snippets of random phrases here and there, mostly to do with us.

"I don't think they're stopping anytime soon."

I heard Matt dramatically screaming "my eyes! My poor eyes!" which only made me kiss Riley more fervently.

"No wonder, with all that sexual tension I'm surprised this didn't happen a long, long time ago."

"Whoa, are they going to come up for air?"

"I don't think so" came a reply, and I had to agree with whoever it was. If I didn't have a basic human need for air, I could stay like this all night with Riley's lips on mine.

"Are we still playing or what?"

"Guys, just leave them be. Riley's had years to pine over Rosalie" you could practically hear the smirk in Matt's voice as he gave up being melodramatic.

"Really?" I heard Vanessa's voice ask curiously. Their voices faded away as they moved the game further away.

Pulling back, I quirked an eyebrow at Riley. "Years to pine over me?"

He shrugged, grinning cutely, a dimple appearing in his cheek. "As if you weren't too. Unresolved sexual tension, remember?"

"We do not have unresolved sexual tension!" I rolled my eyes.

He gave me a look. "So when I do this, you don't feel a thing?" he kissed my neck, his actions subconsciously making me arch towards him. I pouted when he moved back slightly and I felt him laugh lightly.

I huffed and said, "Okay, so maybe we do!"

He grinned against my neck "I wish I had done this sooner."

"I wish you had done this sooner too" I confessed.

"What?" he sounded surprised and rightly so as I'd tried desperately to never give any indication I was attracted to him, going so far as to act indifferent and ignoring him the past few weeks apart from our staring contests.

I grinned up at him mischievously. "I didn't answer Vanessa's question for a reason Riley."

And the smug expression was back, "oh? Then I would love to hear this 'wildest fantasy' of yours?"

I pulled him towards me and smiled. "Just shut up and kiss me fool."


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