Politician's Creed

Could you love he,

who could not love back?

Would you mend a heart,

that has lost track?

Could you spare a moment,

to take my hand,

and lead me through that promised land?

Would you at least,

let me speak?

My words are strong,

but yours are weak.

Let not my doings hurt another,

who can not clearly see.

I will promise what they need,

let the consequence befall me.

There are holes in my heart,

that aren't visible yet.

There is my destiny,

that's not quite set.

My holes are still full,

of what the people need.

I will give all of me,

'till I'm only but a weed.

I'll lose all that I hold dear,

but I will not lose in vain.

I'll pass little pieces at a time,

as small as drops of rain.

When the people understand,

and begin to plant their seeds,

all my pieces will come back,

to make oaks of these old weeds.

By: Mackenzie McConnell