Author's note:

I'm so flattered that you have all supported my first FP story. I know I've committed a lot of mistakes and I might consider rewriting it in the near future. I do apologize for my short comings.

It would be really awesome if you guys tell me what you think about it, pinpoint all my mistakes and suggest more stuff. I've already begun with a new story, of racism and romance, another romantic story. I hope you guys support it as well. I promise to make it more detailed and more polished than teen queens. It's funnier and deeper. I put more background and I think I painted my characters well.

If there is anything you're confused about or whatever, please don't hesitate to send me a message. I value all my messages dearly and it is my goal to write the best I can.

You guys have been awesome. Again, please take time to read my new story.