Here's a poem I wrote describing my mind. As you read it I know you'll get confused, but that's honestly okay. My mind is a very confusing place!


My Mind

Rays of liquid honey

And rivulets of pure gold

Are in my own dream world

That wishes to be told.

There are many things

Among its mighty walls

Keeping my little universe

From making many falls.

Many books I treasure

Can be found there too

On the wall of many shelves

In books of black and blue.

And I can't forget the desk

Of silver, gold and bronze

With page upon page

Of my countless wrongs.

And there in the window

Shining into my very soul

Floats a little Luna moth

Against the sky's black coal.

On and on the land

Of my imagination goes

Running and running

To where no one knows.

So, and comments, questions, critiquing? I want your honest opinion!

Oh, and if you want to read some promising poetry, I suggest my: Frostbitten Sorrow, Chilling, Goddess of the Nile, and Searching. They are what I consider my best work so far. The others I wrote either for a school assignment or in 8th grade and aren't that good.

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