running, running, running...
never before have I felt (physical) pain
quite like this...

eyes watering from wind
bones, muscles, just aching
my body completely falling

a (nti-dote)
p (aling skin)
a (ching)
r (aping me of tranquility)
t (earing me apart)

swearing to myself to (never) do this again,
i walked off the track
holding my head down low...

sun breaks another night
shattering to dust all over my pillow
picking myself up to run away...

no more watering eyes
just watering skin (sweat)
nor hurting bones
just hurting hearts...

&& this is when I realize
that running is only cough syrup
disgusting to swallow
but lovely in it's results...

running, running, running
one's poison can become their escape.