Songs To Evaporate To

I suppose we're modern humans,
but we're living in the past.
It looks like we're not gonna realize it
before we even have time to advance.
He says, "Darling, I'm not stupid,
it's been on my mind."
"You read too much," I snap,
oh boy, I wish that I was shy.
And while his cute little habits soar,
I think his ego's going down.
But his dad fears we'll never get him back,
and his body will never be found.


My mother read this poem,
she thought it was about going off to war.
I explained to her it was actually about sex.
Now I fear she thinks I'm a whore.
I'm also scared that her working life
will change her point of view.
And she'll have to explain her mess of a daughter.
It's probably not anything new.
I mean one time I told her family a story.
I said, "It doesn't matter who,
but we listened to records all night,
half-naked, we sang along to the teary tunes.
Yes, I saw the color of his underwear,
and observed that, while evaporating, these would
be good songs to listen to."