It's funny how you can meet a person and never really think about what they could possibly mean to you in the future.

For instance, take me and Jackie as an example. We first met freshman year of college. She was my roommate, crazy, loyal, funny, and a party girl. I was positive that we would never get along but we did. Three weeks later we couldn't help but laugh and complain about the same things. We were inseparable but I had never thought that possible when I first met her.

It was through Jackie that I met him in our last year at college. We were barely two months into the school year when Jackie and I were walking from our last class to our dorm. I saw her wave her boyfriend down who was with two more of his friends.

"Oh, come on." She tugged at my arm, pulling me forward, with a mischievous glint in her eye. "You haven't met his friends."

"Jackie…" I groaned. She had this crazy idea to get me a boyfriend while we were in college. I'll admit, my whole college career I had been boyfriend-less. But I like to think that focusing to finish with a 4.0 GPA was good enough reason…of course, she didn't agree. I tried again. "Jackie, I need to go finish the hotel accounting paper."

She sent me a stern glare over her shoulder. "Don't lie to me. I saw you were done with it yesterday."

"A little proof reading never hurt anyone," I mumbled, only to receive another glare as we reached her boyfriend and his friends.

"Hey, Adam." She hugged her boyfriend and planted a quick peck on his lips. I couldn't help but make a childish disgusted face behind her back; sometimes, they were sickeningly cute.

Adam grinned down at her, letting his arm slip around her waist. "How's it going, Sienna?" He asked me while Jackie struck up a conversation with the other two.

I smiled back at him. "Pretty good. I was about to go finish my accounting paper."

He gave me a puzzled look. "I though you were done with that."

"Sienna, I told you." Jackie smirked my way. "Oh!" She exclaimed, "This is Alfonso." She pointed to the brown haired guy. "And this is RJ. Guys, this is my best friend Sienna."

I smiled to the other two as they each said a hello to me. I couldn't help but want to stand there and look at RJ for the rest of the day. He had black hair that was carelessly styled. It fell into his grey eyes and his smile seemed to be holding a secret. I didn't notice I was staring until he winked at me. I turned away, embarrassedly. It wasn't a seductive or cocky wink; it was a wink that was his own special way of asking if I was okay.

It was a few weeks later (after finals), that we had all gone out to dinner, that I got to know both boys a little better. Alfonso was majoring in Accounting which was why I had never met him since my major was Hotel management. Well, that and the fact that Adam's roommate had gotten his own place so he, too, had just met Alfonso at the beginning of the year when they were assigned to share their dorm. RJ was a different story. He had been in a different university and transferred to ours for his final year, explaining that he had always wanted to graduate from there but had never gotten around to transferring until or senior year.

The year was flying by and I kept getting closer and closer to all three boys. They were amazing guys. Adam was like the brother I never had. Alfonso was a comedian at heart and he made me laugh all the time. But RJ was special to me in a unique way that I hadn't realized until he asked me out, nearing the end of January.

He asked me out at the boardwalk by the beach. We had been goofing around all day; buying cotton candy, wasting ridiculous amounts of money on trying to win a giant panda bear, and facing each other off at the water race game. It had been lots of fun. Of course, by the end of the night, they had fireworks like they did every other Friday. We were dancing and enjoying the night together when he suddenly stopped his dancing and cupped my face with his hands. He gently angled my face to kiss me. I felt short as he bent down for it but it was amazing. I could taste the chocolate from the Hershey's Kisses we had been eating minutes before. There was a faint smell of alcohol on his breath; I had bought a beer earlier but was thoroughly disgusted and gave it to him instead. He had laughed and finished it as I took his Sprite instead.

I was nervous to meet his family when they came up during break to visit him. His mom was a sweetheart. She hugged me and kept insisting that I was "by far the best girl he's ever introduced to us!" His dad gave me a giant bear hug and I was frightened that my ribs would break but it was nice all the same. His younger twin siblings (one boy, one girl) were very kind too. They were both in their senior year in high school and were enjoying their time teasing their older brother about "finally finding a girl with brains!" I was full of joy by the time they left.

My family had welcomed him just as warmly. My three older brothers, though, were a different story. They gave him a little bit of a hard time at first but RJ was unperturbed. "I understand where they're coming from. I'm like that with my sister. It's fine, sweetie." That's all he had to say when I asked him if he wanted me to threaten my brothers. Well, actually, no…he had laughed a little too.

As the end of the year neared, the five of us had a gloomy feeling hanging over our heads. We were all thinking the same thing; wondering whether we would stay in contact after graduation. It was thanks to Jackie that things worked out.

"Okay, guys, we have to all rent apartments or something near each other and we're doing it here. I don't think I'll ever be able to leave this place." Jackie smiled at each of us in turn.

"Of course," I agreed. Jackie and I had been searching for apartments for the past month and we had already found one that we wanted. Our apartment was ready for us soon as we graduated. We showed the boys what we had and a few weeks later they came to us with ecstatic smiles claiming that hey had found a condo a few miles away from us.

We were ready to graduate. We were ready to face our lives. Our families had all come up for our graduation and it was one big celebration. We all separately spent the day with our families and at night we got together to do our own celebration. It was a night I would never forget.

A week later we were fully moved into our apartment. Luck was on our side as we each started finding jobs. Adam and Alfonso found accounting jobs right away with the city. Jackie got a special event management position at a hotel. RJ got an assistant manager position at a small restaurant and I found a front office assistant manager position at a hotel near by.

Our schedules were busy and the first few months at first were hard to find time for us to all get together. But we never lost hope. We called each other whenever we could and Alfonso would leave us messages on our answering machine claiming that he was starving because the other two didn't know how to cook him good meals. I always laughed at his messages.

RJ's and my anniversary came quick. We didn't do anything big; we didn't exchange presents. Instead, we went out to the boardwalk and enjoyed ourselves there as we snapped picture after picture. We sat and watched the sunset, we talked and laughed, and we held each other in a peaceful silence. It was a simple yet beautiful anniversary.

Months later we were all sitting in mine and Jackie's living room watching movies while pigging out on junk food but we were missing Alfonso.

"Where's Alfonso?" Jackie asked.

"I don't know. He said he had something important to do," RJ replied.

"Yeah, I think the player finally found his match." Adam laughed.

"Hey, be nice." I laughed too. "If he did find some one it's about time."

Jackie laughed and looked over at me. "That's what I was saying when you and RJ got together."

We all laughed and a few hours later there was an impatient knocking at our door. I got up to open it and when I did Alfonso ran into our living room with the biggest grin imaginable. "Guess who just got himself a girlfriend?"

We cheered and laughed and congratulated him. A month later we met his girlfriend; a petite brunet: Carly. She was nice and sweet and the exact opposite of Alfonso but he seemed to be settling down with her. We knew he was taking this relationship seriously.

It was a month before RJ's and my second anniversary that I noticed something strange going on. I kept thinking there was a secret going around but I was never sure. I would walk into rooms and the chatter would stop, Jackie kept looking at me with a sad yet gleeful expression, and RJ's eyes were more secretive than ever. Right when I noticed all of this he told me that he had to go on a trip for his job.

"It's only for a week. I have to stand in for the manager because he's going on vacation. I'll call you every night." He kissed my forehead and I was scared that something wrong was going on.

He left for a week and tried to occupy myself with my job. I ignored my gut feeling that he might have been lying to me. I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts; I never let them fully process in my head. He kept his promise and called every night. I missed him.

When he came back we had a week together before I went to go visit my family. I was with my family for four days. The whole time I felt like I was missing an inside joke. Everyone was always smiling and they didn't have any particular reason for it. It unnerved me but I ignored it too.

When I got back to my place I was more than happy. I wanted the strange nagging feelings to leave.

For our second anniversary we decided we would all go out together. It was like a triple date. Jackie and Carly insisted on getting me ready for the night.

"You should look good for your man on your two year anniversary but since we're going somewhere casual you should look casual too." Jackie grinned as she handed me a pair of navy blue, hip hugging jeans. Carly tossed me a fitting, long-sleeved brown shirt and a faux-fur lined white vest. I picked out some high heeled boots and they completed my look by tying my hair back in a ponytail and teasing the tips of it. I liked my final look. It was casual but it was obvious that I put a little bit of an extra effort for a special day.

It was awkward for me to know I looked good and that I had put some extra time into getting ready because I still felt like something wrong would happen. As much as I tried to ignore it I felt as if RJ was going to break up with me. Why else would he be so secretive? Why else would Jackie keep sending me anxious glances? I felt like I was being left out of a sick joke of dressing me up only to be dumped in front off all of my friends. I shook my head again and ignored the thoughts.

The restaurant was on the boardwalk. It was casual and modern. Waiters and waitresses were running around serving everyone quickly and efficiently. Everyone was smiling and seemed at ease. I gripped onto RJ's hand, afraid that this would be one of the last nights that I would get to do this.

We were shown to our table and we all sat down. The evening was going just fine; we were all laughing and enjoying being together and I started to think that my imagination had been getting the best of me earlier. I was happy that I had been over reacting. But when RJ turned to me with a serious face I felt my heart stop for a moment. I couldn't help but think this was it.

"Hey," he practically whispered to me. No one else was paying attention. "You know I love you right?"

I nodded in acknowledgement. I was too afraid to open my mouth.

He smiled at me. "And, you know that no matter what happens I'll always love you."

I wasn't sure how much longer I could contain my emotions. I opened my mouth to say yes but instead all that I was able to get out was a meek, "Are you break-"

He placed his index finger over my lips, stopping my question. I shot him a perplexed look and he sighed, standing up. He pulled me up along with him. I was dimly aware that our friends were quietly observing us.

RJ pulled me into his arms and gave me a quick, soft kiss on the lips. I wanted it to last longer but he broke it off and grinned at me again. His eyes were apprehensive but they held something else. It was a look I had never seen before. He held my gaze and smiled again as he took my hands in his. People had stopped talking and it was getting quieter and quieter in the restaurant. I felt dazed not sure why he was torturing me in such a way.

He licked his lips and in one fluid motion swept down onto one knee, still holding my hand. I was confused for a second as I observed his actions but as soon as I understood my right hand flew up to my mouth to cover it. I could feel the tears threatening to jump out as he held onto my left hand.

He pulled out a small black box from his pocket and grinned at me again. He took a deep breath before saying, "Sienna, I've loved you from the first day I met you, I love you now with the strongest passion conceivable, and I promise to love you always and forever." There was a long pause as he opened the box with one hand and continued holding onto my left hand; everyone was silently watching. "Will you marry me?"

I couldn't help it anymore when tears started to run down my cheeks. I was grinning and I felt my self nod. I gave him a weak, "Yes, I will."

He stood up and slid the delicate ring onto my third finger of my left hand. He pulled my hand up to his lips and kissed it. I threw my arms around him and I was suddenly aware of everything around me again. People were cheering and cooing. I was in pure bliss. I forgot about my previous thoughts in a flash and I kissed him on the lips. There was something new in our kiss. It was the most significant kiss of our relationship. Our friends were happily watching us as we turned back to them. Their grins were excited and I wiped my tears away.

Life has a funny way of making people more important to you than you ever really intended them to be. But, for once, I was really happy that life had introduced me to such a great guy and to such amazing friends.

AN: so, yeah, this is my first real try at something on here. I had tried a story about a year ago but I had no clue what I was writing so I took it off. This was just a cute idea that was in my head. Anyway, it would be nice to know what you guys think. Let me know. I hope you enjoyed this!